The Power to Withdraw

IntrospectionThe power to withdraw is the ability to disengage from the world around us, introspection is the attitude of going inside when it is necessary. It is especially applicable before a task or a busy day. the result of going inside is peace and calmness, which gives clarity to the intellect for making right decisions, introspection does not mean avoiding the world, it means going inside and getting empowerment to act.

With almost constant focus on other people and external events, we have

allowed our habits and personalities be shaped by the changing world around us, sustained inner peace seems impossible. The first step in restoring in calm and finding internal focus is to withdraw attention from everything external. Tortoises are good at this, as they pull heads and legs inside their shell, meaning leaving your senses behind for a short time.

Parting thoughts for reflection: I see the inner meaning of my existence, the purposes of my life and I am content.

Voiced by Preeya Selvarajah
Production of CAD Music