Incitement: Lost in Translation No More

Somalia – a country where at one point had no ruling government infamously known for it’s brutal civil war and pirates in the sea. Unfortunately, when people talk about Somalia, that’s all they can relate to; but not any more as Incitement shares you how many beacon of light was born out of these circumstances.

Ahmed Bashiir Kahiye

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was born and raised during the unfortunate events in Somalia. He came to Malaysia without any knowledge of English and had difficulties communicating with anyone who is not a Somalian until he saw kids playing football near his apartment. Just from that craving of wanting to play football, he was forced to learn English which then lead him to the impossible.

From there on, he is no longer lost in translation; to find out what happened afterwards, watch Ahmed’s Incitement and you’ll be surprise how far this young Somalian has achieved.