Poseidon Speaks: Atlantis and the New Human DNA

In this session, Sherwin brings in more light from channeling of his three personal guides, Poseidon, Isis and Gaia/Bhumi. Poseidon, Keeper of Early Atlantis, tells us more about the sunken civilization of Atlantis, recently uncovered near South America – as predicted earlier this year. Isis, Master Alchemist and Goddess of Healing, brings to us a simple meditation procedure for the restructuring of the new human DNA. Stay tuned also for a loving message from Mother Earth.

Sherwin NgSherwin Ng is a teacher, speaker, alchemist, author – and comes with over a decade of professional experience in the field of astrology, metaphysics, Feng Shui, and destiny management. His practical approach to spirituality has enabled thousands to benefit from ancient wisdom in their everyday lives, personal wellbeing, business, and relationships. He founded the House of Kite in 2009 as a sacred space for healing, meditation, spiritual studies and research – which include divination, manifestation, healing, and Tarot.

Sherwin works closely with the Atlantean vibration of consciousness, the Tree of Life and the Animal Spirit Guides, as well as the Egyptian energies Isis and Anubis. He is also a published short-story writer and poet, and holds a diploma in counseling (distinction). At the age of four, Sherwin had asked to be sent to a temple to be ordained as a novice monk, believing that to be the most natural thing to do.