How to Have a Healthy Mind

In a situation of emotional distress, we usually have two options: to face the problem or not. Processing a problem means you are facing it, suppressing it means you are not. Processing is to the mind what digesting is to the stomach, if we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot cope, it is better to say something right there and then; to hold things inside will not allow us to have a healthy mind. What we take in will be indigestible and will be obvious to others that we are having a problem, our ability to cope is hampered by thinking too much of other people.

The best mental antacid is a regular practice of self awareness, setting aside the time to clarify our inner thoughts and emotions builds strength. This practice penetrates the mind very deeply dislodging emotional pain at its roots only then can emotion can be purified, refined and ultimately transformed.

Parting thoughts for reflection: problem are inevitable, so don’t get upset, any form of worrying erodes your strength.

Voiced by Preeya Selvarajah
Production of CAD Music