Epomania – An Epic Soundtrack

If you are a fan of film scores or you simply enjoy music accompanied by the orchestra & choir. Epomania has it all. It has drama. It has suspense. It moves the soul. It is heartfelt. It is loud. It is soft. It is epic.

Featuring voices by Stephanie Van Driesen (“Earth”, “Rhea” & “Rain Myrrh”) and including a bonus track (“Battle Cry”) co-written and performed by Grace Sng. All songs are fully orchestrated using the technology of the synthetic orchestra mixed with a fusion of organic sounds.

Onn San, composer and orchestrator is a recipient of the Dean’s Full Scholarship Award, also the first composer from Malaysia to graduate with a Masters Degree in musical theatre writing at the New York University, Tisch School of The Arts, Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. He was also nominated as Best Composer in musical theater at the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2012 and won in the 10th edition with the musical Everworld for Best Original Music and Best Musical Direction.

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