Midas Touch Asia 2013

MTA2013_Online EltonMidas Touch Asia (MTA) is an annual 2-days event which provides the platform for entrepreneurs, senior management and high networth individuals to learn from the very best around the world. MTA aims to gather all local and overseas like-minded individuals to come together to learn and play at the highest field of their respective industries. MTA will play a pivotal role in creating the platform for attendees to follow-up and network throughout the year after each MTA forum.

Midas Touch Asia Enterprise Award

Midas Touch Asia Enterprise Awardees are judged based on their outstanding achievements in the following four areas.
  • Potential Growth in next 5 years
  • Innovation
  • Performance / Productivity
  • Branding and Public Image

Awardees will have a community platform for outstanding business leaders to share business ideas and best practices for sustainable growth. The event will also be attended by Venture Capitalist companies which are on a constant hunt for companies which have the potential of high capital gain for their investments.

The Midas Touch Asia Enterprise Award evaluation committee will select and honour some of the greatest in Asia Pacific. Only 20 recipients of this greatest recognition will receive the award from our keynote speaker, Apple Co-founder, Mr. Steve Wozniak. The rest will receive the award from our special guest.

Selection Process

Interested applicants are to fill in a form which can be obtained by downloading from MidasTouch.Asia or email us to request for a soft copy.
It is a requirement for all applicants to be seconded by 1 of the following person or organisation.

  • Government or statutory board
  • Trade Organization or Association
  • A person of high repute, e.g., politician, professor from recognized institution, personality of positive high media report, community leader

No registration fee is required for the award. However, all award-recipients have to register and pay as an attendee of Midas Touch Asia Forum 2013 according to the fees stipulated by their country of origin. In the event that the award-recipient decides to withdraw from the award, an administrative charge will be levied