How to Give Your Client the Most by Removing Ego

As a facilitator, for whatever modality, it is important to create an optimal space for our clients to discover their own answers to the questions they ask. In this episode, Jana and Monika Wyss delve into some important guidelines for facilitators to be mindful of so their clients can reach their best results with minimum influence from outside opinions.

Tune in to see how to improve your game as a facilitator by leaving the ‘I’ or ego out of the equation.

monika_wyss profileMonika started her career with a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality from the famous school in Sierre, Switzerland. After several assignments in her profession, Monika continued her studies in Applied Psychology, Kinesiology, Colour Therapy, EFT, Pranic Healing, BARS and Lifeline Therapy.

Finally she came across systemic therapy and the Family Constellations based on Bert Hellinger. After years of study, graduation and practice in Switzerland, Monika is now in Malaysia with Systemic Family and Business Constellation. She also conducts Heal Your Life® Achieve Your Dreams Workshop based on Louise L. Hay philosophies.