A New Beginning with the Star Nations

This episode was recorded during Judy’s latest visit to A New Earth and is interviewed by the Founder and Owner Sheliza for the OmniLight show. She share what to expect moving forward after the transition of 21 December 2012, enclosed within is a channelled transmission from the Galactic Council

At the end of her Sydney retreat Judy began to speak for the first time a very fast and different Language. She realized that it is the language referred to in the final chapter of her book, ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’. She wrote this final chapter in Sydney 16 months ago. It is a message from the Galactic Council for us, the people of Earth.

alpha_centauriIn the final chapter Mosteenya, the Lyran leader of the Galactic Council says of Essayenya…me…

“We will leave those of you from Alpha Centauri to put into effect the last part of the plan, which is to work with Essayenya, who is on the Earth, and bring the energy of advanced mind to the people there. She will know how to do this, because in the time of the beginning she was given a key. This key came to her from the higher-dimensional worlds from beyond Lyra. It is a key of energy, of specific word frequencies, which when used, will open a doorway into the greater knowledge of her soul from the higher heavenly worlds of Light. She has this key now. She knows the words. When she says the words, she will unlock a portal of vibration that will allow the mind power energies of Alpha Centauri to fuse together with the genetic code of the human beings of Earth. The memory will come to her soon. It is not yet the time, but when it is the time and the memory does come to her, all of humanity will be advanced: the way forward will be shown to all upon the Earth.”

The beings from Alpha Centauri have a capacity to use the mind in very special and advanced ways. They can help us expand our mind power capacity from what is known to what is not even thought possible. I know now that it is THIS ENERGY and THIS NEW INFORMATION that will be coming through for the first time at my event in Hong Kong.

In the final chapter of the book the leader of the Alpha Centauri delegation has this to say:

“We propose to use our minds to code a new stream of thought form creation into Earth’s people. They will be awakened as if from a long sleep of forgetfulness and unconsciousness. Sadness and struggle will fall away; all men and women upon the Earth will be as brothers and sisters together. This gift of peace and love will flow from our minds. But the necessary induction pathway to allow this energy of mind to infuse into the genetic code of man will come through another.

“These words of linkage to allow our genetic codes to fuse with the 12-strand- DNA potential of man will come through a being on the Earth, a being we all know very well. Essayenya, the Siriun delegate to this Galactic Council is no longer here among us. As you know, she has been on the Earth with many others from our Star Nations through all of these four Great Ages of Earth time.

She along with many others has been waiting for this day. She has been given a key and she has been shown the way. It is through her words that our energy will come, and these words of new creation will trigger the minds of all who listen into a new expansion of peace and love

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and a desire to connect with others and express all that is good.

Great knowledge will pour forth from the minds of man. Each individual being will tap into vast reservoirs of soul wisdom.”