Shifting Consciousness – Emotional Clearing, the Brain & the Body

In this episode of The Spirit of Science, Ahana and Daniel speak with Canada-based Franco DeNicola on the significance of emotional zoloft and weight gain clearing in our individual transformation and how the process of emotional clearing relates to the mental conditioning of our mind. What are the processes of our brain/mind that keep us holding on to negative thought processes and how can we clear them? Franco provides his insights.

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Franco DeNicola’s perception of humanity and the world greatly diverges from conventional ways of thinking. Rather than abiding to proscar pills traditional belief systems and mindsets, he see’s beyond their conceptual creation, and therefore recognizes that there is more to us than what our current human experience has led us to believe. A planetary shift in consciousness has been recently leading more of us to not only question the ego-driven structures controlling our world, but to awaken to who we truly are beyond the mind and the physicality. In the clomid for men midst of these unique times of social upheaval and spiritual awakening, it is with a great love for humanity that Franco dedicates himself to sharing his wisdom and understanding with others.

Franco is a unified soul that has completed his soul enlightenment through the human experience. This simply means that he has fully uncovered who he is beyond mind and body, which is -through experience -the eventual purpose of all souls. He has also travelled dimensionally, allowing him to gain a broader spectrum of awareness, until he agreed to reincarnate on earth at a point where humanity was ready to experience an advanced consciousness shift.