3 Upsides To Experiencing An Emotional Funk

3 Upsides To Experiencing An Emotional Funk


Let’s face it; sometimes we get into a bit of an emotional funk.  It is a part of our wonderful Life experience here.  Normally, our first reaction is to do anything and EVERYTHING to either get out of this ‘funk‘ or to escape it in some way.  But is this really the correct way of going about it?

If we go back to that age-old principle, “What you resist persists,” then perhaps escaping it or trying to get it over with as soon as possible isn’t the most optimal way to go about it.  First, let’s look at the upsides of experiencing a funk:

1) A funk is usually pointing to an imbalance somewhere within,

2) it is an important part of our Life experience as it provides us with the contrast necessary to choose something different,

3) it calls us to rise and do more and become more.

While I don’t usually like making pain a motivator, let us look more deeply at the functions of it; after all, everything in the Universe has a reason for being…EVERYTHING.  So let’s give emotional funkiness a chance too.

Odds are that if you are human, you have experienced emotional funk at least once in your life: your significant other broke up with you and kicked you out (thanks dad), you didn’t get the job you were after, or something somewhere in your Life simply didn’t pan out how you wanted it to.  Ahhhh Life has a funny way of humbling us doesn’t it?

The first example, is that a funk usually points to an imbalance within.  While it sounds simple enough, if we could grasp and master the concept of this, we might never be at the hands of an emotional funk again!  Basically, an imbalance within means that there is a misalignment between our natural state and our thoughts and emotions.

Our natural state, or zero state as Dr. Hew Len calls it, is a space of infinite possibilities.  It is stillness, it is being grounded, centered and being aware of our environment and our own Selves as well.  This space is always peaceful and open to whatever unfolds.  However, as we came into these bodies we were introduced with INFORMATION of how the world is SUPPOSED to work.

We learn from our parents, teachers, siblings and friends how to be, how to act and how to behave.  We also learn and literally take on their reactions as well.  In short, we have trained ourselves to fight what is unfolding unless it fits our inner picture of how it SHOULD be.  Already we now have a misalignment between our natural state (which is always peaceful and open) and our ideas of how Life should be:  I should be making this amount of money, my boyfriend should be more romantic, I should have a nice car, and so on.  Because of this misalignment, many of us then experience an emotional funk.

If you can picture two football players standing opposite each other, kicking a ball back and forth~ this is what alignment looks like on a 2 dimensional scale.  One player is our natural state and the other is the information we have adopted.  They can easily kick the ball back and forth to each other without any issues.  However, we operate on a different scale.  Now imagine these players kicking the ball back and forth, but one is on the 3rd floor of an apartment building and the other is on the ground.  Obviously there is going to be a misalignment and this usually is one of the things that creates an emotional funk:  Our natural state is open, pleasant and peaceful, but cannot connect with our idea of how it should be.

This is why awareness, meditation, mindfulness and clearing work is so important: it supports us in aligning and correcting the misinformation so that we open ourselves to more peace, abundance and joy.

In short, an emotional funk usually points to an imbalance within.  And this is a good thing!  The next time we are experiencing a funk we are now more aware that it is just our internal information not lining up with our natural state of being.  And once we are aware we open ourselves to choice. =)

The second example is that emotional funks give us the contrast we need in order to choose something better.  It is like being at a grand buffet with EVERY food available.  How would we know what food we prefer individually if we did not begin tasting the vast varieties?  Being in SE Asia, I love giving the example of eating a durian.  Personally, it is not my cup of tea.  But to millions of Asians it is like tasting the Divine in a perfect fruit.  This doesn’t make the fruit wrong or bad in any way, it is just that we each individually prefer something different.

An emotional funk usually is communicating to us that we are experiencing something that we don’t prefer.  It is letting us know that we can choose something more appetizing… like a pear.  So the next time you are in an emotional funk about money, or your relationship, switch your focus to something more desired like having more money, or getting along beautifully in your relationship.

The third and last example of the good an emotional funk brings is that it is calling us to rise to something greater than we are being currently.  In other words, it asks us to change either our thinking or way of being.

Think of it this way:  an emotional funk is a really good friend who points to you what it is you are doing that is creating stress over and over again in your Life.  And the more you don’t change, the more it comes back to gently nudge you in a more optimal direction.

So the next time you are in an emotional funk, do your best to understand it instead of fight or escape it.  It is telling you something important.  Think of it as a GPS system which begins to ring its alarms when you start to veer off course.  That is ALL an emotional funk is; it isn’t good, it isn’t bad, it is merely a signpost pointing the direction to a better Life experience

Because Life is Effortless,

Jana Moreno

Jana Inspire

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