Better School Productivity from a Teenagers Point of View

studyingAs a teenager, I have found many ways in which to study and finish school work effectively and in relatively little time. I just got my iGCSE results which I am extremely happy about, so I am satisfied with my studying.

Since school is starting in 2 weeks, I am mentally getting ready to begin homework and studying again. And of course, I am planning to go stationary shopping because I absolutely love new stationary for a new school year. It uplifts my mood and excites me.

I think that a balanced lifestyle which includes having fun and meeting up with friends is the best thing to achieve what you want in school. And even though teachers keep telling us to have a balanced lifestyle, we are loaded with homework for the next day and it seems like we will have to pull an all-nighter.

Good thing is, I am here to tell you that no matter how much homework you get, you can finish by at least 9pm (provided you come back home at latest 4 or 5pm).

Here are some of my tips:

Finish any work you have to do for the next day as soon as you come home, or after a short break is fine too. That shouldn’t be too long and after this, take a longer break and do something that makes you happy. I usually dance or stretch as it is relaxing, you might want to read or play sports.

Another crucial thing is, drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated, plus, it makes you less tired and often even gives you energy. I usually squeeze in lemon to enrich vitamins and detoxing.

After the  break I usually finish any leftover work and revise if I have upcoming tests. But whatever I do, I ALWAYS stop work at 8.30pm. Usually, after this time I am mentally tired from the day and hardly motivated to do any more school work. Therefore I leave it to the next day as all my important work has been done in step one.

Food is another important factor in a balanced lifestyle. This is because the healthier one eats, the better one feels. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that. For the past 22 days I have not eaten any sugar and hardly any wheat or dairy. This is extreme, yes, but it has given me more energy than any other diet ever has and I feel absolutely great. It takes discipline, but the simplest thing to do is just to refrain from eating junk food. It has no nutritious value and does the body no good nor gives it adequate energy.

Lastly, sleeping enough will determine your ability to concentrate the next day. I make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep as this gives me enough energy for the next day. With enough energy, I am able to listen to everything in class and therefore don’t have to revise it at home afterwards. And if I can, I shut my laptop 30 min before I sleep and do something relaxing – it helps to fall asleep easier and have a deeper sleep.

Everything listed above has helped me in great ways. I even take every Sunday as my off day where I do practically nothing for school and hang out with friends or family. I have as much fun as I can, plus I have 3 dance classes a week. If you ever thought having outside fun classes would harm your grades, you thought wrong. On the contrary, if you enjoy them and they make you happy, you are even more motivated to do schoolwork.

~Never let anything stop you from doing what you love.

Have a fun day,

Ula Wyss


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