Choosing Life with Nick Vujicic

As I completed my vegetarian meal, I looked around at the eager faces, each holding various expressions of excitement, anticipation and hope. Many took the opportunity to make use of the time to snap some quick photos in front of the gigantic backdrop at the front of the ballroom.

I smiled as I soaked in all of the energy I was feeling tonight. Here we all are, people from all walks of life, so different – engineers, doctors, lecturers, students, executives, mothers, fathers – and yet, we were all here gathered in this ballroom waiting patiently for one man, who changes lives simply with his presence.

Nick Vujicic, needs no introduction. In any case you don’t know who he is, please, look him up on Youtube (and be blown away). When I sat there watching everyone, I couldn’t help but think :

nick_one_world2What is this electrifying force that is drawing people from such versatile backgrounds together to see this man?

“Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Nick Vujicic!”

A thunderous applause and a standing ovation spread across the room, as Nick made his way down the middle of the room up to the stage. I saw him break into smiles and say many ‘hellos’ and ‘how’s it going’ along his way up front. Very charming smile, this man has.

Three key things I picked up from Nick – purpose, potential and faith.

This life was designed for a greater purpose.

Born without limbs, Nick led a very difficult childhood. I won’t go into any details, for Nick has described his ordeals in his books. What I’d like to share is how he realized that there is really more to life than just merely, existing.

One fine day while he was waiting for his transport from high school, he was invited by the janitor to share his story with a few others. Although skeptical at first, he agreed to do it anyway. What began as an awkward sharing turned into a powerful session that changed lives forever. In the middle of his sharing, a girl who was sobbing raised her hands, and asked in between her flowing tears, if she could come up to him and give him a hug. Taken aback, Nick agreed. As she hugged him, she cried even harder and said to him, “ Thank you. Nobody has ever told me that they loved me before.”

This was the turning point for Nick. He realized that life was indeed designed for a greater purpose. If we can positively influence someone, and have that reach out to beyond just one person, that is living a purposeful life.

His one encounter with a sobbing girl left him thinking about the millions of other individuals who were looking for the same assurance and faith. And thus, Nick decided to become a speaker.

You will never see your full potential until you reach your full potential. You will never reach your full potential until you seek your full potential.

We get so caught up with who we think we are, that we always forget who we really are. We are beings that have expansive hearts, enormous capabilities to love and be loved, and incredible potential to make a difference – only if we choose to.

When Nick decided that he wanted to be a speaker, he just knew in his heart and soul that this was the plan for his life. He relentlessly pursued this goal, facing rejection and failures at every corner, until one day he made a breakthrough and was invited to speak at a school more than 2 hours away from where he lived, for 5 minutes.

When he thought that the 5 minutes was really a waste of his time, he was in for a surprise when he received a call the next day from another school asking for him to speak to their students. And this time – it happened effortlessly.

When we seek our full potentials, obstacles and roadblocks are all part of the game. They are not placed in our paths to discourage us; rather they serve as building blocks that teach us how to triumph even when things look extremely bleak. When you change the obstacle into an opportunity, failure simply becomes an education that helps us understand what works, and what doesn’t.

Faith, family and everything else after that.

Of all the things Nick shared over dinner, I felt this resonate and sum up everything in a beautiful way. Faith, is the very basis of everything we do. If the faith is strong and solid, then nothing can sway us from fulfilling that purposeful life. I like to think of it as the foundation of a building structure. Have complete and unshaking faith in what you believe in, and watch yourselves blossom with incredible grace into the person you really are.

Family, is the very pillar of faith. For Nick, his family’s support and love was what gave him complete faith in himself. His parents always told him to ‘do your best, and God will do the rest’. This one sentence can change a child’s life.

Everything else comes after that. Pay attention to the most important things in life – and no, they’re not related to jobs, cars, houses or accessories. The most important things in life have everything to do with the heart.

Faith – Full Assurance In The Heart.

Full assurance, that life will find a way to live completely, fully, and unconditionally.

So what makes this man so special? Why do millions want to see him and listen to what he has to say?

Honestly, if you really look deeply into his eyes, you’ll know that he’s just a regular guy who lives an ordinary life. The only difference is  – he made a conscious choice to DO EXTRAORDINARY THINGS, without placing any limitations on what he can do, in an effort to share his love for life with the world around him.

It’s not because he was born without limbs; it’simply because of the choice he made to live with a purpose. And as Nick says,”we can all just choose to do that too”.

And this to me, is why Nick Vujicic is an electrifying force of love and inspiration.