Nick Vujicic’s Talk

nickI had the great opportunity to attend Nick Vujicic’s dinner talk tonight and it was absolutely wonderful. Nick Vujicic has no arms or legs but has found his purpose in life as an inspirational speaker and has now reached millions of people. Even before I went to the event I was into Nick’s work and watched many of his Youtube videos. Yet nothing compares to videos – when I saw him live, he was more touching and inspiring than anyone I’ve ever known.

This was what I found the most moving and important thing he said:

Know the truth of your own value.

Knowing your own value is knowing who you are inside and what your purpose is in life. How we look, what car we drive, what job we have and how much money we have is not what defines us – but we often believe it does. I have realised myself that I’ve been thinking “oh, if only I had more money I’d be able to do the things I love plus donate some of the extra money”. Nick stated that “No outside substance defines your value” and that is something we should learn to believe. He explained it by asking “Just because you are a millionaire, does that mean that you are better than everyone else? – No.”

Nick spoke a lot about faith and how important it is, especially in times where everything seems to weigh down on you. Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. At the age of 10, he wanted to commit suicide because he believed all the lies he was told, for example that no one will ever like him and that he is not good enough. He said he lost his true value and had no faith. Instead he clung to fear. When talking about fear, he categorised it as ‘rational’ and ‘irrational’. Rational being the fears like: Where are you going to go study, what are you going to work as…etc. Irrational fears are all the negative lies you tell yourself. Or they can be the lies that others tell you which you then believe, they are the worst kind. Also, Nick says that the biggest discouragement is YOU, because you are the one to believe the lies, and you are the one who makes the choice to do so.

One of my favourite parts was when he talked about parents and their role in their children’s lives. As a teenager, I know how hard it is to grow up around a judging society and friends. I am lucky enough to have great parents who always support me and don’t have unrealistic expectations of me. Therefore I know that as long as I give my best, everything is fine and I know that I am always loved. Sadly, this is not the case of every child and teenager out there. Children need to know they are loved, adored and beautiful. Nick said “If they don’t hear the truth from you, who do they hear it from? – The TV?” It’s true, we aren’t told how great we are on a daily or even a weekly basis outside of home. And every single one of us is great and deserves to be loved, but it starts at home.

Nick ended the evening with a touching story about how he helped a young Indonesian girl who used to sleep on a trash dump and wanted to commit suicide. Though before she did, she saw Nick’s video and decided that she must have a purpose in life. Later on she met him in a restaurant and he paid her a flat for 5 years, as well as got her an opportunity to study at the college she desired. His last words were:

What is money – Nothing

What is hope – Everything

Have a wonderful day,

Ula Wyss


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