What is inspiration to me?

As my first blog post on inspire.fm I’d like to look into what inspiration means to me and what inspires me. As a consistent blogger I’ve read and written many posts about inspiration and what it is. However, I’d like to make this more personal and say what inspiration means to me. I believe that it can be different for every person and everyone has to find their own way to true and infinite inspiration. I like relating posts

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to my own life as this is the one thing I am certain of, I can not know if a principal that is perfect to me applies to any other person.

So, as I am writing this, I am seeking inspiration, as to how and what I write. Instead of forcing 800 words out of me just to get the post done, I let my mind wander and find the words on it’s own. Right now, I do not

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know what I will write as the last sentence, or even the next one. I am feeling free, relaxed and peaceful. I don’t feel pressured or worried. And to me, that is one way to seek inspiration and let it happen instead of making it happen. When my mind is calm and almost empty, it starts looking for words, ideas and things to do. When I think nothing specifically, that is when the greatest things come to mind. That must be the reason why I have the best ideas when I’m in the shower, trying to fall asleep or laying at the beach. The time in which my mind has nothing to do, is when everything falls into place.

How do you get that peaceful mind you ask? Well, I have my ways, and I am sure you have yours. My passion is to dance, draw and bake. When I dance, all I feel is the music and my body. I don’t really think anything, which is technically not possible, so my mind kind of does it automatically – and it often thinks of great new ideas, or dance steps, or blog posts. When I draw, I am calm and think about my pencil, I guess? But my mind still wanders, same when I bake – though then I think a lot about ingredients and what I have to do, so that doesn’t work as well as dancing or drawing. My point is, when you have a passion or do something that you absolutely love is when you’re most inspired. I believe this is because you don’t have to force yourself to think logically or in a complicated way. As when you do something you love, you are happy, you laugh, smile, produce serotonin and your mind is peaceful.

I always say, ‘happy time is the best to seek inspiration’. However, I also say ‘there is no excuse to why you can’t be happy’. Just because inspiration comes more easily when you’re happy, doesn’t mean that you should say… “Ohh, once I’m happy I’m gonna do something great” – in fact, if you want to be inspired, you can get yourself into the right mood and you will easily be inspired. For example, I’d just start dancing, even if I don’t feel like it. Or I’ll go for a run, bake something or read a book. It is not always that easy, but it is simple. The thing is, you’ve got to do something about it. I choose the time of the day in which I have least to worry and think about and make this my ‘Inspiration Time’. It is usually at night, once I am done with all the facebooking, reading blogs, eating dinner and when I’m alone in my room. It’s the best time for me to think. So on top of having my passions, I have this special time, and I am not inspired as much every night. Of course there are days which are merely dull and lack inspiration, but, I don’t let them put me down and keep hope for the next day is the colourful paint to my white walls and keeps my ideas running.

Judi Satori said at her workshop that when you get in the void, where there is no thing, everything can be created.

And that to me confirms my belief that a peaceful mind is the key to inspiration. It makes my life more colourful and paints over any boring thing. Therefore, inspiration is the colourful paint to my white walls and refreshes my ideas every now and then without which I wouldn’t be the same person as I am right now.

Have an inspirational day,

Ula Wyss


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