Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

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Seeing as this is my very first blog post for Inspire.fm, I found it fitting to look deeper into where Inspiration really comes from, and what the benefits of coming from inspiration are.  According to the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale, inspiration is something that comes from within us, from our Divine nature.  Dr. Hew Len teaches that when we are no longer coming from replaying memories or information, we remember our Zero space; the space of void, of infinite possibilities.  When we act from this space instead of from old replaying subconscious memories, we are indeed coming from inspiration.

Old subconscious programming is actually where many of us are coming from on a day-to-day basis, myself included.  I noticed recently that I have a go-to pattern with many things in my life including work, family, chores and even daily hygiene!  For example, every day I wake up and go through the same motions:  I get up, brush my teeth, shower (starting with washing my left arm, then right and so on), and after all that is said and done, I sit down at the computer to start on my work.  I notice that this is my daily subconscious pattern.  I also have triggers that I have given the power to send me into an emotional spiral, I have certain tendencies around working with people, food and so on, and all of this is subconscious… at least until I am aware of it.  Once I am aware of it, inspiration can begin shining through.

Think of inspiration this way:  the example given by Dr. Hew Len is to imagine ourselves as a flashlight shining through a piece of glass.  This is who we are:  light, Divinity shining through.  But as we go through life we sometimes unconsciously begin painting over the glass so that our inspiration, the light, shines through less and less.  This paint is our subconscious programming, beliefs, patterns and memories replaying in our life experience.

One way to begin interrupting these patterns and cleaning the glass is by becoming aware of our limitations and tendencies.  Of course there are many different modalities such as Ho’oponopono, Releasing, Family Constellation, Coaching and any other techniques that also support a person in becoming self-aware.  What happens after a little while (or sometimes suddenly) is that we begin breaking free of our subconscious programming, memories and beliefs that we usually allow to dictate our actions.  For example, is there a certain quality some people possess that really ticks you off such as being late, or answering their phone during a meeting?  This trigger is pointing to an internal story or memory that can be cleared.  As we clear these replaying memories we begin experiencing less and less of this sort of experience in our lives… and if it does on occasion happen again, we are unaffected by it emotionally.  Ahhhhhh the freedom!!  In short, all upsets are opportunities to know ourselves more deeply.  And awareness in itself is enough to begin freeing us from…well, ourselves!

When we become self-aware, and keep this awareness with us throughout the day, we begin detaching ourselves from our own thoughts, replaying memories, and emotions.  As we create this space between who we REALLY are (pure consciousness) and what we often mistake ourselves for (our ego, thoughts and memories) we have now made ourselves available for inspiration to shine through.

The benefits of this are far reaching and include taking right action instead of taking blind action based on personal tendencies.  We also experience more peace, abundance and joy throughout our day despite what may be going on outside of us, and all of this supports us in creating and experiencing a more peaceful and joyful life experience.  In other words, this begins permeating out into the other areas of our lives including our financial experiences, relationships (both professional and personal) and health as well.

Because Life is Effortless,

Jana Moreno

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