Malaysia Public Policy Competition 2013

Dayang Melati speak to the Chief Executive Director of the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) David Ho and Yap Carl Mann Project director for the Malaysian Public Policy Competition 2013. Both are studying in United Kingdom and has returned to organise the competition that is running in its third year.


The Malaysia Public Policy Competition (MPPC) is an annual case-based competition which gives Malaysian students a taste of the public policy making process in a real world context. This competition is a unique opportunity for participants to understand the importance of conception and implementation of public policies, as well as to tackle common dilemmas in striking the right balance between populist policies and realistic policies. The MPPC gives participants the opportunity to not only engage with renowned experts from the government, private sector and academia, but also interact with highly qualified peers who share similarly high levels of passion and curiosity with regards to public policy making. They were sharing some tips for participants


Founded in 2010, the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) is a student-run council that aspires to establish a global professional network of outstanding Malaysians.

It is the ICMS’ conviction that by bringing talented people with drive and motivation together, opportunities in career and personal development will be created

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and ideas will flourish. The ICMS further cultivates this atmosphere by empowering its members with the support needed to organise events and to bring new ideas into fruition. Ultimately, leadership is fostered – in professional career, intellectual discourse, event management and in the Malaysian context.

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