Be Yourself, Everybody Else is Taken

be yourself2
Be yourself…everyone else is taken

This so simple phrase is easier said than done in today’s world. I mean, shouldn’t it be easy to be yourself? You are you and nobody else, so how hard can it be? I’m rather sure that barely anyone finds it easier said than done.

Too often we do or say things because someone else has influenced us. Now, I’m not blaming whoever was the influence. What I feel is that we accept that influence and we start believing things other people say about us and therefore start changing who we are.  We change who we are, not to satisfy ourselves, but to satisfy someone else. This ‘someone else’ might as well be society, because society chooses the thinnest and prettiest models, use photoshop to beautify or even tells you what to eat. Not that simple to be yourself under all that pressure, is it now?

When I say ‘be yourself’, I mean stay true to yourself and act according to your beliefs without being influenced by anybody else’s. You will have your own opinion for everything that exists or happens around you – you can’t change that fact. And it is up to you to be truthful to that opinion and be yourself. The reason I think why we change ourselves is because we are scared. Scared to just be ‘me’ because we might not be accepted or loved. You may have a flaw that you absolutely hate and therefore hide it, but there might be one person out there who loves that about you more than anything else and can’t find you because you’re hiding it.

If you hide who you really are and pretend to be someone you’re not, you might just miss out on some amazing opportunities or new best friends who would’ve loved you for who you are. And just because someone has broken up with you or dislikes you for a particular reason, doesn’t mean that every single person in this world will feel the same.

By being yourself and saying the truth, you might not have many friends, but you will have the right ones.

Once you start being true to yourself, and more importantly, you like who you are, the rest will be taken care of. You will shine with confidence and happiness, because there is nothing more satisfying than being satisfied with yourself. You will have the right friends, the right job and the right everything because everyone knows you’re not giving them a lie when they meet you. No one likes someone who lies about himself, or is unhappy.

The problem is, how will you be satisfied with yourself if you’re hiding behind a mask? By not being true to yourself, not even you will know who you are. And if you don’t know who you are, then how do you expect anyone else to?

Be yourself, because you are for a purpose which can only be achieved by showing your true self.


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