Determination is the Key


It is no secret that one who lacks determination will be less likely to bloom and achieve their goals. Almost everyone wishes to succeed in life and achieve certain goals, may they be big or small. However, many forget that one very important tool which will push the journey forward and lead to the goal.

To me, determination means to give your all to achieve what it is that you want. And this works with anything, it may be a personal or a business goal. Obviously, you won’t get very far by just sitting on a chair. My motto is “If you want something, then do what it takes to get it”.

Determination can be seen both in mental or physical ways. Mental determination is to believe in your dream or goal and that it is in fact achievable. It’s motivating yourself to do better, get back up when you fall down and being positive along the way. You can think of it as though your mind would be a trainer next to you, motivating and helping you along the way. Without a strong belief in your project, it is rather hard to succeed with it.

Imagine you want to start up a business and you have an amazing idea, which you absolutely believe in and want to make reality. Then a person comes along and tells you that it’s rubbish and you won’t get anywhere with it. So, in this case, you’ll believe their judgement and you no longer have that thrive or passion for your idea, because you no longer believe that it would work. Even if you put in many hours and you work hard for it, do you think that you would get far with it, as you keep doubting yourself and the idea?

Physical determination, on the other hand, can be seen as labour or putting your energy into your idea. Once you are confident and believe in yourself, you are automatically motivated to put in the necessary work in order to get to your goal. Therefore, mental and physical determination work together to make a determined YOU.

Let’s take the business idea as an example again. Now that you are motivated and believe in your idea, you want to go out and make it happen. You start talking to people passionately, researching all you can on the topic, making a website, business card or even designing a product. This all is seen as physical determination. And you keep doing it until you reach the desired outcome or even beyond.

I believe that determination also links with doing what you love. This is because, from my own experience, I know that if you do something you dislike, it is hard to be determined. It’s possible, but not as easy as it is when you like something, obviously. One way to be determined about something you don’t want to do, is to think of every single good about it and disregard the ‘bad’ things. Therefore you will be able to motivate yourself and get on with it. Because sometimes, we just have to do that ;)

Determination is the key to success.

Ula Wyss


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