Random Acts of Kindness


I think that one of the most important ways for us humans to evolve

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and move forward is by expressing kindness. As human beings, it is only natural to seek love, kindness and affection.

I’ve been in a couple of different cities and it’s rather saddening how grumpy and rude people are nowadays. They’ll ram into you without saying sorry or won’t even smile at you in a shop. Of course there are nice and friendly people – I just think we need more of them. Kindness is like can be like a chain reaction. When you are nice to a stranger, they will be touched and are more likely to pass it on to someone else. And this can go on and on, beautiful isn’t it?

Today when I went grocery shopping I gave fruits to weigh to the shop assistant and he seemed pretty grumpy. So when he returned the fruits to me I flashed him my biggest smile and said “Thank You”. He returned the tiniest of smile and had a glimmer in his eyes. It was a great feeling, even if he didn’t seem as happy as I was. That event made me think of Random Acts of Kindnesses and that I should do more of them. While smiling at a person is kind, I think that’s a minimal thing everyone should do.

Imagine a world where everyone would smile, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, open doors when your hands are full or help elderly cross the street. That would be a beautiful world, wouldn’t it? There would be no space for hatred or sadness. When someone is kind to you, it can brighten your day or give you new hope. Sadly, we are all busy with our stressful lives and don’t seem to have time for this.

The message I’d like to bring across is that we shouldn’t wait for someone to be kind to us so we can pass it on, but that we should be the ones to start the chain reaction. Let’s go out and randomly be kind to someone, just for fun, out of love, because you want to lighten up someone’s world. You can start with your best friend, your parents or your spouse. Smile at them and give them a hug. What I love to do is bake cupcakes for my friends, it makes both them and me happy. You can buy flowers, dinner or chocolates for them. Or if you’re a teenager like me you can take a broom and clean the house for your parents. Small things make big differences.

Once you’re comfortable with being kind to those closest to you, you can start with strangers. Random Acts include paying coffee for the person in line behind you, help carrying bags for someone and holding a door open. There are so many different things you can do just by being a little bit creative. And trust me, every act of kindness is so worth it.

Let’s make this world a more peaceful, kind and happy place. Let’s have every person smile every day. Let’s love everyone around us and be one helpful nation rather than millions of individuals.

You have the power to make a change,

Start being kind today

Ula Wyss


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