Sparkle on Sci-Meta Workshop

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On this episode of Sparkle with Nell, we have a cross over with the Spirit of Science host Ahana and Daniel as they share their upcoming workshops that is to be held at Heartworks.

Connecting with Crystals

In this workshop, they will look at the science and metaphysical aspects of crystals and connecting with crystals. They will also use a Tesla-inspired device to draw Radiant Energy (nature energy derived from the atmosphere, which is sometimes called ‘prana’) into the crystals to sildenafil citrate experience its amplification properties. They utilize this energy transference and move into a powerful group meditation at the end of the workshop.

Akashic Emotional Clearing Workshop

Through visualization they will use Akashic Emotional Clearing identify the root cause or significant trigger/event of challenges cooper pharma vardenafil review and then remove these blocks from the mind, the past and body (cellular memories). This workshop also provides a sildenafil 100mg wirkung simple process to raise and stay in high vibration to facilitate one’s own clearing process!


more information, do visit Heartworks