Power Pundits Beat the Odds

In this episode Dayang have with her the Power Pundits, winner of abilify shot the Malaysian Public Policy Competition 2013 organised by the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS).


The Power Pundits consist of Eleasha Chew, Chin Kar Yern, Hannah Khaw and Alethea Lim (absent from http://cialis7pharmacy-online.com/ the interview). They are four enthusiastic youth who are passionate about bettering the nation we love and of which they have been so blessed to call home. They were the only Pre-University pharmacy-online-7days.com team in the competition against other Mlaysian students from the Ivy Leagues ( Oxford, Harvard, LSE, Columbia, King’s College, etc)

Their Policy:

The first thought which usually crosses our minds when we think about solutions to the brain drain problem usually revolves around either training and retaining local talent or attracting foreign talent back to Malaysia. Their policy took neither of these approaches, but rather centered on what they strongly feel is untapped potential in Malaysia – women. Their research showed that 67% of qualified women either do not look for work or drop out of the workforce because of family commitments. This is a significant contribution to brain drain!

As such, they came up with a two-pronged policy, one which focused on women themselves and the other which incentivized increased women representation in positions at the top of the corporate hierarchy. The first portion of their policy was to introduce childcare facilities in workplaces such that women could come back to work without worrying about the welfare of their children. The second portion was the implementation of cumulative corporate tax deductions for companies with 30% representation at the mid-to-senior-management, EXCO and board level respectively.

For more do read Hannah’s retelling of her experience here

Founded in 2010, the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) is a student-run council that aspires to establish a global professional network of outstanding uroxatral pills Malaysians.

It is the ICMS’ conviction that by bringing talented people with drive and motivation together, opportunities in career and personal development will be created and ideas will flourish.

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The ICMS further cultivates this atmosphere by empowering its members with the support needed to organise events and to bring new ideas into fruition. Ultimately, leadership is fostered – in professional career, intellectual discourse, event management and in the Malaysian context.

For more information on the competition, please visit www.icms-mppc.com