7 Easy Steps to Reduce Stress

Stress is probably the most common ‘problem’ amongst teenagers and adults. And with all the new technological developments to make communication even easier, so that you can work 24/7 isn’t really helping. However, there are many things that anyone can do to ease stress or even make it work in a productive way. I am going to share my top 7 ways to do this with you:

1. Accept the fact that you’re stressed. First of all, you need to acknowledge that you are experiencing stress in one way or another. If your life feels hectic and you have little to no time for yourself or even to cook lunch it’s obviously a sign that you should change something. When you realise this and accept it you are preparing and allowing yourself to work on it.

2. Can you use it to your advantage? Sometimes, being stressed is mistaken for just being busy. This happens to me all the time – I am busy and have many jumbled up thoughts and think I am stressed. What I only just realised is that I love being busy and slightly stressed as this motivates me to complete what I’ve got to do and decreases my procrastination. So if you can use it to your advantage, then focus on maintaining it, but not on eliminating it.

3. Take a moment to breathe. As soon as your mind is going crazy with things you have to do, stop everything you are doing, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Don’t worry, it won’t take away too much time. In fact, this is extremely relaxing and calming. After a couple of breaths you are able to think more clearly and tackle the problem you’re working on from a different perspective.

4. Make a list and finish the easiest tasks. This is a great way to get rid of all those small things you have to complete, like sending an email. It will decrease the number of things you need to do and therefore you will feel like you have less to do, even if what’s leftover may take a long time. Your mind does not realise this though and you will tackle the rest more calmly.

5. Take as many breaks as you can. Even if you have got a tight schedule, you should occasionally have 5 minute breaks in which you drink and take your eyes off your computer. Maybe even walk around or listen to music. This releases tension from your mind and body, as you are consciously taking a break from work.

6. Eat at peace. What I mean with this is that you should eat at a slow pace, your electronics at a far distance, and preferably at a dining table or with your family. Why is this significant? Because working while slinging down your lunch is really hectic and will even signal your organs that you’re hectic. You don’t let your mind process whether or not you enjoy your food and multitask at the same time. Obviously this just adds to the stress you have already got, inside and out.

7. Do what you love. Whatever you do, you should always make time for people or things that you love. If you have a passion or love to play a sport, that is the best way to reduce stress. Not only would it be a fun activity, but you enjoy it so much that you please your mind and push all the stressful thinking away during that period of time.

These are really simple things you can do to reduce daily stress. I’ve done them all myself and have found them to almost eliminate my stress or make it useful. It worked for my studying, homework and school life, and I am sure it will work for work life, as well.

Have a peaceful day

Ula Wyss


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