Change Your Mindset…Change Your Life

Do you feel like you are stuck where you are right now and can’t get out? Every day seems the same and you’re just tired of it? In that case, I know exactly how you feel. A couple of years ago I started questioning life and why it exists because my days had the same routine for what seemed like ever and nothing new was happening in my life. I got bored. What I also know, is that you can easily change this.

When I started reading self-help books by Louise Hay and Patricia Crane the secret to my fun life was revealed to me. I learnt that I had the wrong mindset and daily thoughts and this was what was holding me back from living my life to my full potential. It took me a while to understand the concept of changing my mindset, to which I had gotten so used to. Eventually, my desire for a fulfilling life gave me enough self-discipline to stay at it, and I am forever grateful today.

Many people die when they are 25 but are only buried at 75.


When we are small children, any little thing can astonish us, make us smile and play. We think in creative ways to do something and love to be crazy. We are only capable of loving. A young child cannot hate. Until it learns how to. When we are children, we are gradually taught the known reality of life. We learn what is good and bad, that our parents don’t like certain people, while they like others. Our parent’s and society’s behaviour rubs off on us and soon we start judging others and we lose our constant smile or creative thinking. I am not saying this, so we can blame our parents, as they only do the best they can and know.

As we grow older, we start forming beliefs, which shape our mindsets. Depending on everyone’s situation, one might think that you must work extremely hard to make enough money, while another thinks that money is always there for him anyway. And who of those two do you think is rich? The second person, obviously. Our negative mindsets hold us back from living fulfilling lives and it sets limitations to what we can do. On the other hand, positive mindsets make us determined, inspired and willing to live life to the fullest.

I have a personal example for this: When I was younger, I had a really negative mindset when it came to friends. I would believe that I am not made to have many friends and that people don’t like me. Why? – Because I had one friend in total, and we had fights every now and then. Plus, people didn’t like me very much. However, after a couple of years I woke up, I started generally being positive, smiling more and I was happier every day. I didn’t change my mindset on friendships right away, I changed my mindset on myself first. Once I appreciated myself more, I was confident and I just knew that I am capable of having many friends. Then what happened? I moved to another school and I now have many amazing friends.

This process took about a year, but realising that I was being negative and changing that to positive took about a day. And I felt better within a day already. Once you change your mindset about yourself, you have begun changing your life. As this is the most important, and so everything else will fall into place. Then, every other negative mindset you change, will impact a certain area of your life and get you one big step closer to your full potential. Isn’t that the best thing that could happen to you?

Ula Wyss


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