Crystal Healing with Low Sheau Shy

crystal healing

Recently, I have missed the feeling of pure relaxation and having focus, due to deadlines here, homework there and a whole bunch of stuff to do. Yesterday, I had a beautiful crystal healing session with Low Sheau Shy in The Golden Space, during which my long lost feelings of calmness returned.

Going into the session with a mild headache, I hoped that the crystals would release it for me. Only now do I realise they had done so much more. While I was lying down, the calming music and soft smell surrounding me blissfully, my mind was practically roaring with thoughts. With so many things going on in life, it is difficult to let go of all the seemingly important thoughts.

Crystal healing works by using certain crystals on each chakra and their unique vibration will help align the energies. This lets go of the old and un-needed energies which are holding you back, leaving space for new ones to enter.  These crystals resolve issues and patterns in our energy or physical system by attuning and centring our aura to how it is supposed to be.

I felt the crystals work their magic soon after I noticed their cold touch on the designated areas for each of my chakras. My hands started tingling, then my feet and before you know it, my whole body was vibrant with flowing energies from one chakra to the next, then to my feet. I later learned that the residual and old energies leave through the foot chakra, which was what I had felt.

To my surprise, the flow of energy was draining me, and not too long after, I fell asleep. It was almost impossible not to, with the wonderful background music and beautiful energies surrounding me. Anyhow, I woke up shortly after to what seemed like a burst of energy coming from within me. My body was jolt awake within two seconds and it felt as though within those seconds it had let go of all the stress and uneasiness I’d had for a couple of weeks. Only then was it possible for me to relax and be fully open towards the crystal healing, as my mind was finally quiet. I was absolutely content lying there. I felt energised and refreshed, like I was starting off as a new person. Miraculously, my headache had vanished, too.

The crystals have given me a sense of clarity, and I feel like I am centred yet again. It was a beautiful session and to my luck, I am still feeling the after effects.

Ula Wyss


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