Does Food Affect Happiness?

This is a question that I have been eager to find the answer to for the past year. It is something I had to find out for myself though, by changing my own eating habits. I have found that many people are unhappy with themselves for various reasons and I am now coming to the conclusion that the food we eat might change how happy we are.

You may think that food and happiness are two completely different aspects in life. I will show you in this blogpost that they are strongly interlinked for most people and one affect the other amazingly.

Now, imagine that you have your absolute favourite dessert in front of you. You slowly indulge in it and enjoy it as though it were heaven on earth. When you eat that dessert, your thoughts automatically turn positive, your body is relaxed and your brain cells register this and multiply those thoughts and feelings. Evidently, they result in an emotion: Happiness.

However, there is a not-so-nice side to this. Imagine you are eating a burger or anything that you would consider unhealthy for you. You know that it isn’t healthy and that you should’ve probably gone for a salad instead. So, you have a guilty feeling and rather negative thoughts. Same thing happens here, it results in an emotion which is guilt or unhappiness.

It also has a lot to do with the thoughts we think while eating a certain food. If one is strong enough to completely change these thoughts and believe and what they eat is good for them, no matter how unhealthy, that person will still be happy. However, that is often really hard.

On the other hand, foods that are heavily processed, full of saturated fats or low on nutrients don’t give our body the required nutrition and energy. Hence, this results in feeling tired, depressed or unworthy. Once these emotions and feelings become regular, they multiply and it gets harder and harder to change them. What happens then? Various things: Some might go into binge eating and gain weight, others might go into alcohol or take other measures to get rid of the negative emotions. A few might realise that if they change their food intake, the emotions will disappear and be replaced by ones they want.

I consider it a vicious cycle that starts taking in the wrong foods, leading to tiredness, then negative feelings, emotions, and eventually to obesity or diseases.

When I changed my eating habits just two months ago, I simply stopped drinking anything but water or fresh juices, I decreased my sugar intake greatly and practically stopped eating fast or processed food. These small changes worked amazingly. For one, I don’t feel addictive to sugar anymore and I am proud to say that I am disciplined, adding to my self confidence. Furthermore, I’ve got tons of energy and need to sleep less, thus being more productive. I am able to smile more take things lightly, and I even feel lighter. I do eat desserts once in a while, and when do I no longer feel guilty but I feel pleasure, because I know that I don’t do it because I am desperate. All this affects my thoughts and emotions and I have become really happy.

When I see people cramming fast food and sweets into their mouths, drinking only sodas, who then complain about being tired, not bothered and annoyed at everything, I don’t need to think twice to understand why they feel that way. Of course, food has a slightly different effect on all of us. However, I am sure, that chemicals, sugar and excessive fat does not belong in our body and that the right nutrition will have a positive effect on every person.

Just drinking water, ditching fried sugary stuff and saying no to that second portion that you doubt you’ll finish anyway, will have an immense effect on your health and emotions. Obviously, a healthy person is a happy person.

Have a healthy day

Ula Wyss


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