Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For the Majority

Why Manifestation Doesn’t Work For the Majority

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Conscious Creation isn’t just a technique used to support people in getting what they want out of life, it is a way of living and being.  But for some reason, there are always people who excel and succeed after sessions, workshops and talks, and then there are those that don’t seem to go far at all.  And after researching why this could be, I have come to realize that there are certain patterns in people who excel, and certain patterns in those who don’t excel.  Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong, and I mean no disrespect to anyone, but it is interesting to find out the reason why some have their dreams unfold and why others don’t experience a positive change.

First and foremost, the people who do excel take the information home, the reread it, go over it again and again, and most importantly they apply it immediately day in and day out.  And as they practice this information over and over again, and hold their creation-space and vibration for just a little bit of time, they not only begin seeing evidence of it, but they are building the necessary neural pathways that support them in repeating the process over and over again until it becomes automatic for them.

This could be why some people go for seminars, or read a fantastic book and they are pumped up for a few days, but afterwards their enthusiasm drops off and they don’t continue doing or applying the information.  In the future they might even be confronted with similar information, or the same information again, to which they shrug and say, “Oh!  I know this stuff already.”  But if they knew, why isn’t what they want unfolding in their lives?  Leo Buscaglia once said, “To know and not to do, is not to know,” and this is the point that I am trying to make.

As one of these reformed people who would read books, listen to audio tapes and attend workshops but not apply what was being taught, I have now changed my ways.  And the reason why is because it became very clear to me that I was doing something that was holding me back; I kept telling myself “I know this stuff.”  But obviously I didn’t otherwise I would have been where I am now years earlier.

When I realized that my own thought pattern, the thought pattern of “I know” was holding me back, I stopped it immediately.  I also started going back through the information found in those old books and audios that I had and began immediately applying it… and this is when Life started changing drastically for me.

I also noticed something else as well; all the information I thought I ‘knew’ because I had read or listened to it once before, actually seemed to change.  It was as if I was receiving new information.  But in fact, what had changed was me.  Think about it, every time you read a new book or attend a workshop or listen to an audio, new neural pathways form and they form fast.  So when you pick up and read the book again, it is as if new information is jumping off the page, but in fact it is because you are seeing the same information with different eyes.  Now imagine doing something every day to put into use this information on top of going over it again and again.  Those neural pathways that were formed are being reinforced every day now because you are DOING.  And to know is to do.

With that being said, there have been several articles I have written and radio shows on Inspire.fm that have been recorded giving people daily practices to take on for 30 days so that they can begin mastering themselves and their results.  That being said, since you are probably familiar with all this information, what are you going to do everyday to

1) feel excited, joyful, happy, healthy and/or wealthy?

2) learn to live in creation instead of in reaction ~ learn to say YES to what you want instead of saying NO to what is unfolding that you don’t like?

3) focus all day everyday on what you want as if you already have it (and believe it)?


In the end many of us grasp this information, but a great majority of us do not apply it or do it long enough for our old paradigms and neural pathways to reform into more supportive neural pathways.  And again, to know is to do.  So why not start today?


Because Life is Effortless,
Jana Moreno

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