Why the ‘HOW’ is Irrelevant When Creating The Life You Love

Why the ‘HOW’ is Irrelevant When Creating The Life You Love


We live in a very left-brain society where the ‘how’ is more important than the emotional aspect of creating and living your dreams.  But is this right?  Is planning and preparing more important in consciously creating your Life than the emotional aspect?  According to one of the founders of GIN (Global Information Network), who has surpassed being wealthy into being super-wealthy earning millions upon millions of dollars, he says quite confidently, “No.”

I was introduced to an audio produced by The Global Information Network (who can be found here) whereby the person who was teaching a particular 2 day workshop admitted to being mentored and learning from some of the richest people in the world.  His colleagues alone included royalty and members of the upper echelon of the world’s super-wealthy.  And while he spoke of many interesting things throughout the duration of this audio, the one that caught my ear was that the HOW is irrelevant.  In fact, focusing on the ‘how’ when creating your ideal results is one of the main things that throw people off in the manifestation process.

Backed by scientific research from minds such as Einstein and Edison, he goes deeper into the brain as a transmitter and receiver of frequencies and vibrations.  What I loved most was his example of our ‘limited’ screen and scope of Life, and how we couldn’t possibly know HOW anything could come into our view.  Our only work is to focus on the end result that is desired.

He also confessed to closing 450 million dollar deals this way without knowing where he and his colleagues were going to get the 450 million dollars to fund this particular project.  But because they had been groomed, trained and mentored on how to create wealth in abundance, and because they knew that their scope was limited, they just merely focused on the end item and watched it come to fruition always at the right timing.

That being said, after listening to this I felt a great relief actually.  One of the first rules I learned in creating my ideal Life was to always focus on feeling good.  But every time I would focus on planning or strategizing on HOW to get what was wanted, I usually would end up feeling stressed.

This could be why manifesting things which don’t require planning such as a free new laptop, phone or espresso machine was easier for me than say, business.  There is no planning involved in receiving free things; there is only the emotional quotient.

But after I began listening to this audio which can be found here, I began to realize that I had it right all along… at least for me.  Now, if planning is something you love to do, and you feel excited and inspired to do so, then do it!  Always do what works for you, but remember also that your number 1 goal is always to feel good.

Emotions carry power, energy and weight with them.  And to merely cast them aside because we grew up in a very left-brained dominated society is no excuse not to listen to your inner GPS.  And even Kevin says in his audio set that your goal should always be to feel as good as you can right here and now.

So, if focusing on HOW you are going to achieve something really lights your fire, then continue!  Let the fire of passion and enthusiasm light your way.  But if you are like me, instead of focusing on the how, remember that we can not possible see from our radar screen how things are going to happen; the best we can do is focus on already having the end result.

Because Life is Effortless,

Jana Moreno