Childhood Pneumococcal Disease: A Mother’s Story

In this follow up episode to the previous podcast on Childhood Pneumococcal Disease, Kum Gheng speak to Chan Li Jin, the co-founder of and Erina Asmawani whose 1 year old Aqil succumbed to complications and passed on.

Recognising the serious consequences of pneumococcal disease, various initiatives and efforts have been undertaken over the past few years to raise awareness of the disease and to highlight the importance of prevention amongst Malaysian parents. The YES to PnD Protection campaign marks another step towards making pneumococcal vaccine available to all Malaysian children to ensure they are able to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

The YES to PnD Protection campaign is an initiative by parenting2u, Asian Strategic Alliance for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention (ASAP) and the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA), aimed at bringing together healthcare professionals, parents and like-minded individuals to urge the Malaysian government to place children’s health as a top priority, especially in regards to pneumococcal disease prevention. 100 paediatricians and General Practitioners (GPs) throughout Malaysia have been invited to be a part of this campaign efforts, pledging both their time and services towards this cause.

For more information please visit www.abc4pneumococcal.comThe website features information on pneumococcal disease, its symptoms and risk factors and testimonials from parents whose children have experienced pneumococcal disease and parents who have decided to protect their children with vaccination.

You can also read Erina’s recount of her story here.