Native Customary Rights: Indigenous Crusader

It was truly inspiring to learn of a family, of which all 12 siblings are activity involved in community development. Dominic had the privilege to speak to one of the siblings, Anne Lasimbang. A trained geologist, a voice in the United Nations and the executive director of Partners Of Community Organizations (PACOS), who has been championing the rights of the indigenous communities in the state of Sabah since the early 1980s. Much of the early work revolved around research and study of poverty in the state.

PACOS currently supports community organizations in 14 geographical areas. They cover issues pertaining to :

  • Land and resource management.
  • Socio-economic development.
  • Culture and education.

PACOS is also involved in public awareness activities on a wide range of issues, particularly related to the recognition of indigenous people’s rights, bio-piracy, gender, health, environment, sustainable development and rural development.

anne lasimbang

Anne has also served as president for the Sabah Women Action Resource Group(SAWO), Child Care Association Of Sabah, Inner Wheel Club, etc. She is the recipient of the top award in volunteerism in the state.