Give Yourself A Break

After having been on a well-deserved and needed holiday for the past week, I have found that many of us don’t grant ourselves a break from our busy lifestyle.

It often feels like there is a ton of things to do, but absolutely no time to do it. And more than occasionally I forget to just stop, even for 2 seconds, to take a deep breath. Consequently, after a couple of weeks, it backfires with sleepless nights, lack of energy and no will. All because of something I am way too familiar with – stress.

Everyone deserves a break every now and then – sitting by the pool or beach, sleeping, watching your favourite movies. Anything really, to re-energise, relax and relieve stress. Not only does it feel amazing, but it helps to become self-centred and ready for a whole new batch of stuff to do.

Not only does giving yourself a break help with your productivity, but it also gives your life more purpose. Even if your job is your passion, a break every now and then brings you back to your completely relaxed state and allows you to have fun in another way, too. A small break can bring more happiness to your life and make all your hard work even more worth it.

Give yourself a break, to be you, and tune into yourself. Listen to your heart and do what matters to you. We tend to get caught up in work or school and forget who we are for a moment. What I love to do on my free days is learn something new about myself. I love to read inspiring books and blogs or do something completely new to see whether I like it.

Having fun and relaxing are my ways of letting go of stress, then afterwards I feel like a new person, fresh to study and do homework again. Sometimes, all I need is a minute to breath and let go of all the thoughts surrounding school because it seems to take up all the space in my head, not leaving it for other, more relaxing things.

I think everyone should and needs to do this – take a break – because the older we get, time only seems speed by faster, and what point is there to merely work, work, work, all life long? Too often I hear the excuse from my friends: “I have too much to do, I can’t invest in and commit to my passion”. It is saddening, that just because of ‘too much to do’ we don’t do what we love or fully live our life.


So take a break now and enjoy a couple of minutes, or even hours of doing whatever you love and relaxing. Take a break to smile, to be happy and remember this blogpost the next time you feel stressed.

Have a relaxing day,

Ula Wyss


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