Circle of the Dragon Kings: Wisdom of Atlantis

Parts of Atlantis have been uncovered. Islands have sunken and new ones resurfaced, and will continue to do so. Sherwin stepped into this year prepared to learn the deeper aspects of Mother Earth, and indeed, the Earth Mother opened him up to the realm of the animal guides, and then, to the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is the spiritual battery of the physical plane, the fuel that keeps everything alive and animated on earth, while the Animal Guide is the energy link from Earth’s core to the human soul.

Now is the time of the Dragons of the Earth, powerful beings that have slept dormant for thousands of years, ready once more to support the Keepers-of-Light. As the raw essence of the world itself, the energy of the Dragons are immense and ever-creative, where even at the moment of a single thought, a reality will start to take form already. Ancient sages and priesthoods who understood how to harness the force of the Nagas (what Dragons are known as in Asia) could bend the Laws of Time and Space, often the fabric of reality itself.

Where Earth Mother is woman, Goddess, all-encompassing and nurturing – the oldest Dragons were male, wild and potent, powerful yet protective. Thus the birth of the following course:

Circle of the Sacred Beasts (Dec 14)
Circle of the Tree of Life (Dec 15)
A branch from the Tree of Life is the understanding of the Earth Mother’s secret language, and her emissaries from the Insect Kingdom, such as the dragonfly, cicada, honeybee, and frog – their various roles in the healing of Earth, as well as special omens from nature that guide and protect you at all times:


Circle of Divine Signs & Omens (Dec 22)
Lastly, learn to connect with the Lightbeings – the Luminous Ones – who have walked the Earth, or have special interest to the spiritual progress of humanity. Who is your Luminous Soul Guide? What are your special gifts and lifetime challenges?


Circle of the Dragon Kings (Dec 28)
This deeper collective of knowledge follows the previous Circle of the Sacred Beasts and Circle of the Tree of Life – as fundamental pre-requisites that heal and expands the energetic capacity and meridians of the physical body, before attempting to anchor the raw essence of the Dragons.


Circle of the Luminous Ones (Dec 29)
Each Circle commences at 2 pm until 6 pm. The energy exchange is RM360 each; if you sign-up for all 5 Circles, you save RM200 (total of RM1600 instead of RM1800)
* This offer is valid only for 2013.
** This series of workshops, the 5 Wisdom Circles of Atlantis & Avalon, forms the fundamental requirement for the future course ‘The Master Healer Training Program’ (schedule for Mar/Apr 2014), designed specifically for individuals who wish to embark as a Healer-Diviner-Manifestor as a professional career.

For enquiry or to register, email to or send a text message to 012 – 716 8763