Don’t Try – Do Your Best


From the title you may think ‘don’t try? But all my life I’ve been told to at least try’. Well, I’m going to tell you otherwise today. My motto is, don’t try anything, but simply do it, or at least do your best. And no, they are not the same thing.

Over the past month, I have almost gotten rid of the word ‘try’ from my vocabulary, and I rarely use it now. I have found this to give me extra confidence and willpower, so I naturally work better and more efficiently. What’s the big difference you ask?

Okay, right now, I want you to TRY to stand up, assuming that you are sitting. Just try. Did you stand up or remain sitting? Did you stand up halfway? If you stood up, then you did not try to stand up, but you simply stood up. Now, just STAND UP. Did you have to try to stand up or did you just do it? With this simple example, it shows that by trying to do something, you are not really doing anything. And if you do accomplish it, then you did it, and you did not try to do so.

Therefore, as long as you try to do something, you are setting yourself up to fail. Saying “I will try” sounds unconfident, unconvincing and as though you don’t really believe you can do it. However, saying “I will do it” or “I will do my best” has a whole different feel. By doing your best, you are putting your best effort into it and therefore there is a larger likelihood of success.

I am not saying that if you use the word ‘try’ instead, that you will always fail, but as everything is made of energy, the word trying does not carry the energy of success, since success is doing, and trying is…well trying, but not doing. To me, trying does not equal accomplishing, and I have found that people who keep saying ‘try’ don’t usually accomplish many things in life.

Yes, it is just a three letter word, and yes, it is widely used, even in the motivational world. But there are better replacements for it that sound more convincing for yourself and others, more striving and goal reaching. By replacing the word in your own vocabulary, you will feel more powerful and ready to achieve your goals. By stopping to try, and starting to do, you will be much

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faster, better and more willing to do whatever you want to do.

If you try to be healthy, you won’t become healthy. If you try to lose weight, you won’t. If you try to be more loving, you won’t either. But by doing your best to be healthy, lose weight and be more loving, you will achieve it. Be confident and just do it, you don’t need to try.

Will you keep trying to reach for your goal, or have you changed your motto?

Ula Wyss


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