Happiness before Success?


In today’s society, we, human beings have made up certain ‘rules’ of life, which tell us what we can or can’t do, or how we have to do certain things. One of those rules, which is even taught to little by their parents is: ‘I need to work hard to be successful, and then I will be happy’.

However much we believe that rule, it doesn’t actually seem to work. If it would work, then why are so many celebrities unhappy – they’ve got money, success and more. If this were true, then every successful or rich person on this planet would be happy, and the ones that are poor and lack any education would not even be granted a smile. Yet, in reality it is more the other way around.

Life is all about happiness, as everything we do in life, is in hopes to being happy with ourselves, our work, and to have others be happy for us, too. Since the traditional rule I stated earlier doesn’t seem to work anymore, I, and many others have come up with a new one: ‘Be happy with yourself and your life the way it is right now, and then your life will be a success’.

Through my own experience, I have proven this correct. A while ago, I made the decision to be completely happy with my life and myself. My life isn’t perfect, and I’ve got my challenges here and there, yet I choose to see it from a positive perspective. Since then, before every exam or test, what I would do is smile, and imagine myself in a cocoon of love and happiness, instead of last minute studying and stressing out, which is what most of my peers do.

The results of this are astonishing. Since I have made that choice, my grades soared, my concentration improved and stress levels decreased. At the same time, I attracted more and closer friends and I have even more time for social events. To me, this is a success. Don’t get me wrong, I do study a lot and put effort into school, however, it comes much easier and I do not require extra tuition or cancellation of social events. I don’t work ‘hard’ to achieve happiness. I work the amount I want to put into it, to get the outcome I desire. The difference is, I work in a happy state.

This concept is very simple and can be achieved by anyone, however, it takes a lot of courage and willpower to let go of the ‘working hard leads to success’ belief. If that belief is anchored in you, then you need to release it first, or it might end up making you feel guilty about working less. This could then lead to the opposite of what you desire.

In my opinion, this makes complete sense. A happy person is more likely to do well in anything, to be hired for a job, and to have great friends. The old saying, ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ is true, because while money might be fun, it only makes you happy for that long. After a while, it is taken for granted, and is often misused as we can see happened with many celebrities.

You don’t need to be successful to be happy. But by being happy, you are already successful, because happiness is what so many strive for, yet so little know how to get.

It’s a choice, not hard work.

Have a happy day :)

Ula Wyss


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