What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

As I progress closer to the end of secondary school, the one question I am asked over and over again is ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’. Most of the time I say that I want to study psychology, but in truth, I only say that to avoid a whole argument or discussion.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind studying psychology, but I really don’t know what I want to do. I am conflicted between my two sides – child and adult. Only now do I realise how precious school is, and how time slowly drifts away as you get older. I just want to be a kid forever, having fun, not worrying about where I’m going to live and how I could possibly manage without mum and dad.

Most adults want to hear an answer that will guarantee some kind of ‘success’ and possibility to make a living. So when I tell them that I will follow my passion, maybe not go to university and take skill courses instead, I get showered with concerns and problems. I am told that I won’t succeed that way and I desperately need a back up plan. Where’s the believing in me with that?

This is why I don’t want to step into adulthood. There is so much worrying, making money and too little enjoying oneself. Young kids seem happier than adults, and that is a sad sight to see. Because I believe that happiness should not diminish with age, but progress and grow.

I don’t know what I want to study and do as I get older, because that is way in the future. I have been taught to live in the moment and follow my instincts, so, I’ll think about it when the time comes. If it doesn’t feel right to study for another 4 years, then I’ll go after what feels like, because I have gone through enough lessons to know that where the heart is lies success and happiness.

I follow the path that I want, that I believe in, because through that,

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opportunities will open up and life can unfold around me. Some of the greatest inventors, celebrities or business men never went to college. And some did. It is not that college or a job defines us and our future, but it is our heart. If my heart tells me to go to university in one year, that is what I will do.

I know of many things that I want to do when I get older, like inspire people, keep writing, dance and maybe even become a counsellor. There are so many things I would want to do that I can’t decide one thing right now. However, I do know, what it is I want to BE when I get older. I want to be happy. It doesn’t matter what I do, where I am or how I look like. All I want to be, is happy.

And I think that is where a lot of us get lost. We think about all the ways to make a future and living, yet we miss that one simple thing – happiness.

Have a happy day,

Ula Wyss


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