Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Law of Attraction

Have you ever wondered why most people have challenges consistently attracting the results they are striving for? Would you like to understand the reasons why this is happening? Would you like to discover ways to consistently attract greater positive results more of the time? Would you like more happiness and success in your life?“The Law of Attraction is a scientific law of Physics that works perfectly all the time, just like the laws of aerodynamics and gravity. The only challenge is making sure we are clear enough, specific enough and willing enough to manifest our heart’s desire! The results we get are perfect demonstrations of our clarity, of our thoughts and of our energy alignment. When we are clear, this alignment attracts positive outcomes and allows positive energy to flow. When we are not clear, specific and willing, we create partial results that are far less than what we were consciously hoping to achieve!”   In this first interview, in a series “Freedom Speaks – Learning From Michael”,  Chee Wah speaks with Michael Bradford MA, CEO of Michael Bradford Global Sdn Bhd about the often misconception of the Law of Attraction.

Michael is a highly experienced intuitive, healer and business coach who teaches how we can best use the Law of Attraction to create the exact love, joy, happiness, success and prosperity we desire in our life.  Michael shares what the Law of Attraction really is, as well as how and why the Law of Attraction can be used to manifest your exact heart’s desire. He will also share the reasons why only a rare few people using this amazing scientific law really attract what they say they desire.In this interview we will be exploring how our conscious and sub-conscious mindset ultimately determines whether we attract our intended desires – or something far less meaningful. Michael shares how we can enhance our attraction skills and turn ourselves into giant manifestation and attraction magnets!  Our major challenge is to uncover and discover our hidden, unconscious thoughts, attitudes, programs and beliefs that are undermining and sabotaging this process.  When this happens, we attract the wrong people, the wrong business deals, create problems and make the wrong decisions. Michael has some important answers that will help us to be happier and more successful!

Michael Bradford is CEO of Michael Bradford Global Sdn Bhd.  He is a teacher, trainer, executive business coach, consultant, writer, published author and poet.  He has a Masters Degree in International Management and advanced training in Intuition, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki, Reading Energy Patterns and many other specialties.  Using his unique cutting-edge multidimensional approach – which accesses Cosmic Consciousness, the Akashic Records and Transformational Techniques from other dimensions – Michael has helped more than 30,000 clients in over 50 countries to break free of their limitations, balance Karma and become more successful.