Keep Laughing


Most of the time laughter can be the key to solving a problem, loosening up or getting back on track. Often, when I find myself stuck in a bad situation, I force out some laughter and then I cannot stop because it just feels so good.

Science has found that laughter produces certain so called ‘feel-good’ hormones that, well, make us feel good. And what better state to be in, than a good, happy state? It ensures wise decision making, positive thinking and great manifestation. It also attracts happy people into your life.

Sometimes, the best way to get over emotions like anger or sadness which you are very stubborn about, is to laugh. I find that it is very hard to combat the ego and stop being stubborn, and so the easiest way to do it is to smile and start laughing from the deepest bit of the tummy. The great thing is, once it starts, it is very hard to stop – which is exactly what we want. It takes your mind off the problem or negative emotion and just leaves it blank for a moment. This is often all you need to get into a state of peace and look at the problem from a different perspective, with cleared emotions. This then allows you to make a rational decision, unaffected by negative emotions.

Not only does laughing help yourself, but it is contagious and through the positive action you might just make others laugh with you. Therefore it’s even more fun for you, and you may have just helped another person without knowing so! What greater feeling is there than helping someone else?

Laughing and smiling is what brings us together. Every single person understands laughter, it is a universal language. No matter where you are from, laughter is connected with happiness, and if two people laugh, and inflict laughter in even more people, a cycle of peace and harmony will begin. As when you laugh, you are yourself, and when many laugh, they are one, connecting one person

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Have a cheerful day,

Ula Wyss



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