Take Responsibility For Your Actions


Taking responsibility for your actions can be very difficult in many situations. We all makes mistakes or do something we completely regret afterwards. And then we have to take responsibility for it, accept the fact that we did it and stand up to it – pretty intimidating, right? However, doing so lifts the weight of your shoulders and allows you to move on in life.

Before you do anything, think about what it is that you are going to do, and whether it is something worth doing. Will it bring you forward in life, without having to hurt many others? If yes, then go ahead. If no, then don’t do it. Although, that is easier said than done since we all know that in certain state of minds, we make decisions that we usually wouldn’t and act in regretful ways.

It is an art to take responsibility for such an action, after it is done, especially when it involved someone else. Say you were in a car accident, and you hit somebody. This is a situation where you may not have taken a conscious decision to act accordingly. So, there’s two things you can do: deny it and push it back to your memory to forget about the horrible event, or, own up to it, accept it and say that you were the one to do it.

It definitely takes courage and strength. And it is moments like these that show how truthful we are to ourselves. These can be the defining moments in our life. I myself have had such moments, where I pretended to not have done something, just so that people would see me as normal, and not some weird person, due to fear of losing my friends.

We go through this on a daily basis, and many of us deny our actions, in hope to fit in and be accepted. However, then you are accepted for the pretended person you claim to

be, and not for who you really are. One who knows all you have done, because you take responsibility for it, and accepts you anyway, can be called a true friend.

Therefore, I’d rather take responsibility for everything I do, and have real friends, who like me for me and see this courage of standing up to my actions as a positive thing. The more I accept what I say or do, the more I feel truthful to myself and my surroundings, which makes me feel comfortable and happy.


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