Women In Business World Summit Hosts Global Live Online Summit

WIBWS-LogoThe Women in Business World Summit (WIBWS) starts todaywith a global live online complimentary pre-summit. The online free pre-summit and full summit will be available to women around the world via the internet, including Malaysia and other countries in SE Asia.

For the first time in 13 years, women are creating businesses at a greater rate than men in three of the 59 countries surveyed in 2012 by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). And in the U.S., the rate of female-owned businesses has soared by 54% during the last 15 years.

WIBWS strives to be at the forefront of this substantial growth of women entrepreneurs. The summit is a platform with “TED Talk style” presentations to support women in all stages of entrepreneurship to create and grow businesses that

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are focused on benefitting all stakeholders – the people, the planet and the company.

“In essence, my vision is to encourage women entrepreneurs to fully embrace the core of their femininity: heart and soul,” said founder and CEO, Dr. Annie Lim. “These women will, in return, create a profound impact in their respective communities through their knowledge, wealth, philanthropic work and compassion; while expressing their purpose, joy and love in the work they do.”

Attendees will have the freedom to attend live sessions and interact in real time with the presenter from anywhere in the world. It is a 100% pitch-free summit with world class speakers. No hard selling~ just 100% value-added sessions with entrepreneurs and leaders such as Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir from Malaysia, The Cast of Femme, Women Healing The World with Director Emmanuel Itier and Producer Sharon Stone. WIBWS features successful leaders from around the world to support women globally in becoming self-sustainable through business.

In an article by Penang Monthly, statistics from Economic Census 2011 shares the following about Women-ran businesses in Malaysia:

Women-owned establishments amount to 13.2% of all business service establishments in the country. They are defined as establishments with at least 51% of equity held by women or where the managing director is a woman who holds at least 10% of equity. These establishments include women who started the business and those who lead it.

KL has the highest percentage of women-owned establishments at 26.3%. This is followed by Selangor, Johor and Perak. Other states like Perlis, Labuan and Putrajaya only stand one per cent of the entire share. Fifty-five per cent of women-owned establishments are in the professional, scientific and technical service fields.

In a world where gender-equality is becoming more prominent, and where the women-owned businesses has grown substantially in Malaysia over the past 5 years, WIBWS wants to offer further global support via it’s annual online women’s summit. According to Gemconsortium.org much of the growth of women entrepreneurs and business owners is due to the support offered by the government, private organisations and international groups. WIBWS is further supporting women by offering an online platform, a window to the rest of the world for women entrepreneurs in Malaysia to be introduced to a global audience and network.

WIBWS comprises of two major parts: the pre-summit (February 17-28) and full summit (March 17-28). The pre-summit is free; its sessions deliver stand-alone value and demonstrate the exact level of thought leadership that can be found at the full summit. Participants are given the opportunity to experience the free pre-summit sessions for two weeks before deciding to register for the full summit at an affordable fee.

To register for the 2014 WIBWS, visit www.wibws.com and register today!