Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael The Journey of The Soul

Have you ever wondered why you came to Earth? What’s your Soul Purpose ? What you came here to learn, achieve, face and master? Have you ever wondered why you have the gifts and the challenges you have – and about your Soul’s journey over eons of time?

The Soul is described as the everlasting part of ourselves, which some people describe as the spark of Life,

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or God, within us. Our Soul is the only part that survives. Our Soul seeks wisdom and cares only about learning, canadian pharmacy in lady lake florida experiencing, changing, evolving and expanding. If you really want to understand yourself better, and other people, this interview gives you a new perspective on yourself, life, living, success, sexuality, relationships, challenges, partnerships, wealth, business and more.

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You will learn about the many different unique life lessons that are available for us to choose here on Earth – and about the learning curves we all go through. These lessons include duality, polarity, right thought and right action, compassion, remaining balanced and centred, masculine and feminine energies, spirituality and materialism – and much more. Understand the reasons why you can never judge

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anyone by their appearance, by their success or by their challenges in life – especially yourself.

Michael also covers the reasons why some people feel frustrated, angry, unhappy, in pain and in resistance. This can be because they are not being true to themselves, are in internal conflict or are out of alignment with their soul purpose. Michael specialises in getting individuals and companies buy generic viagra online clear, back on track – and to stay on track.

Michael BradfordMichael Bradford MA, CEO of Michael Bradford Global Sdn Bhd. Michael is a highly experienced intuitive, healer and business coach who helps you to align more completely with your Soul. He also helps you to canadian drug pharmacy discover your Soul Purpose for being here on Earth. As you align with your Soul and understand your Soul Purpose, life makes a buy generic viagra online paypal lot more sense and you automatically begin to generate more love, joy, happiness, success and prosperity in your life.