Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Change

What is your relationship with change? Do you find changing easy and look forward to the changes in your life – or do you resent and fear change? Do you see change as your best friend – or see change

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as your worst enemy, getting anxious just thinking about changing?

In this fast-paced lively interview, Chee Wah speaks with Michael Bradford MA, CEO of Michael Bradford Global Sdn. Bhd. Michael is a highly experienced intuitive, healer and executive business coach who helps you understand change, how to make peace with change and how to make change your best friend.

There are basically two types of people. There are people who like to remain the same, be in control and look good, hence they tend to stay within their comfort zone and keep repeating what they have already done. The second type likes to live their life exploring new things, trying new foods, going to new restaurants, going on holidays to new countries, learning spiritually and continuing to learn, change, grow. These people push the boundaries of life.

In this podcast we discuss why, when the only constant in the entire universe is change, people tend to want to remain the same, staying with what they know and what is comfortable. Let’s learn about the mindset that allows some people to be as fast and flexible as a speedboat, while other people are like slow, lumbering oil tankers.

We know that change brings adjustments and most often leads to positive expansion, however we have to understand the true nature of life and living to put everything into perspective. As you listen to this interview, you will gain more insights into the true nature of change. It is the greatest rewards in life when we stretch and expand our thinking, learning, educations, social circle, talents, skills and our mindset.

Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a grand adventure, or it is boring!” Join us as we share our insights with you!