Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael The Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor Triangle

Have you ever noticed how some people act as if they are dis-empowered, powerless victims and seem to be helpless, hopeless and in despair? Have you ever noticed people who like to help, rescue others and seem to have all the answers for everyone else, except themselves? Have you ever experienced both these types of people criticising, complaining and angry with the other type – each blaming the other for their lack of joy, happiness and success?

In this episode Chee Wah speaks with Michael Bradford MA, CEO of Michael Bradford Global Sdn. Bhd. Michael is a highly experienced intuitive, healer and executive business coach who teaches you how to stop other people, and yourself, from draining your energy and from sabotaging you?

Michael teaches you how to transform your fears, lack of self-confidence and dysfunctional patterns into positive, uplifting, life-affirming, functional ones. As you do this, you automatically attract more love, joy, happiness, success and prosperity into your life.

They explored the psychological model called the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor (VRP) Triangle. Understanding this model and each of the positions on this triangle helps you to become aware of when you are disempowering yourself by playing these dangerous games. Each of these positions has very specific, easily identifiable qualities, which can be transcended. Once you understand and gain the awareness, you have the opportunity to change your interaction patterns from dysfunctional to healthy ones. The good news is Michael can teach you how to transcend the dysfunctional aspects of this triangle – so you can move more fully into self-mastery!

With this improvement, in Soul Frequency and vibration, it helps you to attain greater consciousness and further move you away from being a Victim, Rescuer and a Persecutor.

Photo credit: Erik Wrenholt