Money & You Empowers with Nash Bhullar

In this inaugural episode of Money & You Empowers show, Jacy speak to Ir. Nash Bhullar the Managing Director of One Alpha Group and a Money & You graduate.

This program is an extension of a work of nearly 40 years of uplifting humanity’s consciousness through business and education. In our programs, we will share with you real life experience, tested & proven success principles not just “theories” on how you can break free of self-limitations and empower yourself to live an amazing life.

For the Money & You Empowers show,  we will be bringing you guests who are very successful in their field of endeavour while adding tremendous value in the world.

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If you’ve come to a point in your life where you are asking yourself…Are you living the life you planned… or are you dealing with the life you’ve got?

This may be a good time for you to take time out and rediscover what gives your life purpose, what ignites your fire, and what you need in place to achieve results beyond ordinary?

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