Speaking the Same Language – the Root of Energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed – it converts from one form to another. This is a universal constant and whether it is medical science,

alternative healing or energy generation, all modalities follow the same constants and speak the same quantum language in various dialects and overtones.

The Sci-Meta Project was created to bridge the gap between science and metaphysics. Its main aim is to bring together collaborations, encouraging individuals across various modalities to bring their expertise to bridge the gap and learn from each other. One of the first collaborations that brought the company into existence was to understand the root of energy and the path of energy flows in our body, in nature and the environment.

What is the root of energy? Energy flows in spirals in nature and that is the path of least resistance. Think of a drop of rain water coming down in a straight line. Now imagine the same drop of rain coming down on Earth in a whirlpool of a tornado. The second incident will give the rain drop a force, energy and will bring it down faster on the surface than the first incident. Nature’s flow of energy is a spiral. This understanding has been the base of energy flows in the body through many spiritual practices – the kundalini energy and the flow of chi or prana. The same concept of vortices have also been used in circuits and coil technology to extract energy from the

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environment, or what we know as zero point energy. Both science and metaphysics ultimately speak the same language – the language of nature.

It makes us think, does it not, that what makes our brain look at everything as a linear progression of time

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and experience? What is the path of least resistance when it comes to the way we think, interpret and experience life? What can we learn from the root of energy flows and apply to our life and experiencing reality?

There is so much to learn from the universal constants or the physics of the universe. When we look at the root of energy, and throw other universal constants like frequencies and vibrations,

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thought projection and intention, the interplay between electricity and magnetism, we start speaking the same language no matter which side of the spectrum we are from – science, medicine, psychology or metaphysics.

The excerpt is taken from a report on The Root of Energy, an introduction to The New Energy Technology Talk that will be held at The Temple of Fine Arts on May 17, 2014. The talk is organized by The Sci-Meta Project and is hosted by its co-founders and the hosts of The Spirit of Science Show, Daniel Nilon and Ahana Lara.

For special early bird tickets to the Tech Talk, please click here. For enquiries on the show or the talk, write in at ahana@sci-meta.com.