is an independent online talk radio station focused on positive living and new viewpoints. We feature a variety of topics—from current affairs, financial matters to youth, and New Age, well, you name it. Core programmes include interviews with personalities who live life positively and community heroes who have made changes in their own life and people around them.

We target people who aspire to expand their view point, change the way they live, and have a positive outlook in life. There is no specific age target as this audience spans all adult age groups. It is their interest in personal development, be socially aware and living life inspired that defines the listenership, not their age. has strong conviction towards bringing the brighter side of things.

The Inspiring Story

A group of unknown souls step into the broadcasting world by chance through another online endeavour and since got hook in sharing their stories and passion. Each fully committed in their respective areas and feel there is a void that needed to be filled in the Malaysian airwaves. Where everyone is bombarded daily by all the negative news and stories through various channels, there is a need to have a fresh look in life, that there is hope, sunshine and light beyond the dark clouds. – we now bring light and positive vibes to all. Live LIVE!

Our Channels offers 7 channels of varied titles and topics helmed by our core hosts and guest hosts.

  • Inner Insights Channel is where we explore the upper realms or inner space and allow one seek greater awareness of universal principles and want more meaning and inspiration in their daily lives. We bring together varied spiritual understanding and change makers: best-selling authors, leading-edge scientists and futurists, world-renowned spiritual leaders, mystics and healers who are stimulating positive cultural shifts and making a meaningful difference in the world.
  • Money Matters Channel focus on an array of investment such as strategies for building wealth, stock trading, property investing, and a variety of other topics in the investment world.
  • Health and Wellness Channel feature the latest information in the world of health and wellness from traditional as well as holistic perspectives. Our topics cover everything from diet, fitness, aging, health disorders, homeopathy, mental health, child-birth and a variety of others.
  • On the Move Channel is youth centric and everything to do with youth.
  • Potpourri Channel as it names defines is a mixture of different topics with in a fresh look or scent if you want to. This is where our radio show hosts discuss everything from arts & entertainment, parenting, relationships, and many more.
  • Charge Up! Channel is where you received the inspiration and vibes of success. Here we bring you stories and tips on leadership, self-improvement, career advice and many more.
  • Panorama Channel is the place where we bring you in-depth discussion with a positive touch on major current affairs, where we bring you the who’s who in the leadership echelon.