How to Have a Healthy Mind

In a situation of emotional distress, we usually have two options: to face the problem or not. Processing a problem means you are facing it, suppressing it means you are not. Processing is to the mind what digesting is to the stomach, if we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot cope, it is better to say something right there and then; to hold things inside will not allow us to have a healthy mind.

The Power to Withdraw

The power to withdraw is the ability to disengage from the world around us, introspection is the attitude of going inside when it is necessary. It is especially applicable before a task or a busy day. the result of going inside is peace and calmness, which gives clarity to the intellect for making right decisions.

Moving with the Flow of Life

Life is full of uncertainties and our best made plans are sometimes made useless and ineffective Keep your cool and remember that your best made plans can go awry, be a detached observer and take things as they come, so even as you have made your program for the day become detached from it and let the drama unfold itself.

Satisfaction Leads to Self Respect

Human beings will always act to ways preserve their self respect, even if it means using ego defense mechanisms. When self respect is intact, there is no need to guard it. This positive state of awareness exist naturally.

Freedom is the Elixir of Life

Freedom is a precious gift which promises an experience of liberation and a feeling of no limits as if the earth, the skies and the seas are at one’s service. One of the greatest aspirations in the world today is to be free.

An Education for the Heart and Soul

Bridget’ vision for the future is one of hope not the darkness, horror and strive of the last 100 years but the beauty of the human spirit. She is absolutely convinced that when we are open to guidance from above, together we can create that world of truth.

Focusing the Energy of Our Mind

Peace means balance, harmony and contentment. Peace means the process of becoming better learning to be more balance within and more contented. I am Peace. Bridget shares her insight on how one can focus one's mind and balance the energy and be content and be truly conscious.


What is your destiny? What lies before you? We have been asking these perennial questions throughout our life time. Is our life fated to be since the day we are born or there is something else that lies beneath it. Bridget share her thoughts through a story of a Japanese general that is embarking on a battle.

Let Us Be Truly Selfless

What is the distinction between Selfless and Selfish? It’s been said that selfishness is a no-no action and an act to avoid, let’s see what is Bridget view on this.

The Drama of Life Can Be Interesting

Our life is complex and filled with ups and downs and all that happens are merely drama playing in front of us. If we can view the obstacles and pain we go through in life, as lessons that teach us to become mature then we can enjoy life!

The Learning Process

Bridget shared that it is time we start a new learning process where we learn to know, to do, to be and to live together. We must make the most of our life by taking time to fill our moments with meaningful experiences

The Formula of 4A’s for Healing

Bridget shares her formula for healing – 4A’s; Awareness, Analyse, Attitude and Action. By working with the 4A’s it increased the healing properties of the mind most of the diseases can be prevented and many can be cured.

Silence Removes Illusions

Silence teaches us how to listen, how to develop an openness to everyone. As I listen I receive, as I receive I feel and reflect and gradually move into concentration. Concentration is when I am completely absorbed in one thought

Oasis of Inner Peace

Spiritual silence gives us selfless and pure energy and assist in releasing the negative energy that we receive in our daily life. The silence position the heart and mind to communicate with the One

The Secrets of Self Esteem

Do you know your own true worth? Most of the time we wear the label put on my people around us, at times even by ourselves; we are bestowed with talents far beyond the limited labels we unconsciously shackled with.

Talking to Yourself

Do you talk to yourself? There are times the inner dialogue of ours is to seek attention at times so detrimental it becomes self sabotage.

The Power of the Mind Heals

The mind can help heal disease? In the case of a young boy, he was cured of his illness though the power of suggestion by Dr Albert Mason. The creative power of thought is the greatest power of all.

The Perfect Mistake

Have you at anytime made a major boo-boo and kept lamenting and even blame the ‘one’ upstairs? In this episode Bridget share a story of a carpenter and how his missing glasses made immense changes by mistake.

Change in Perception

Seeing all things with a compassionate eye, and compassion is not by feeling sorry, but an action to reach out As Bridget says “Give love and see the amazing results”.

Feeling Good About Ourselves

You are valuable in your own ways, believe in yourself; where there is self esteem there can be no room for depression.

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