Create Through Money & You

Money & You® was created based on a business that grew a US$25,000 investment into a US$60 million business in less than three years in the mid-1970’s. Money & You® has positively impacted over 100,000 people from more than 65 countries since 1978.

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Motherhood Inspiring Change

In this episode of Do You Know, Kum Gheng speak to Nadine Ghows the co-founder of Gentle Birthing Group who is also a certified Hypnobirthing and Amani Childbirth educator. They discuss on the group’s objective and the reason behind the celebration.

Circle of the Dragon Kings: Wisdom of Atlantis

Kum Gheng speak to Sherwin Ng, Founder of House of Kite, teacher, speaker, alchemist, author on his latest insight and pick up from where they left off from Poseidon Speaks. In this episode they look at Circle of the Dragon Kings: Wisdom of Atlantis, Sherwin’s new course.

Leaps of Knowledge: The Future of Learning

What is the future of learning? Professor Sugata Mitra 2013 TED Prize winner and professor of educational technology at Newcastle University and Chief Scientist, Emeritus, of the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) and other prominent thinkers shared their thoughts…

Sexuality and You: Demystifying G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

For this episode of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee demystify and help clear the air on the existence of G-spot, female ejaculation and how pornography can make or break a relationship.

TEDxKLWomen: MONEY – Invented Here

Kum Gheng speak to Shentel Lee co-founder of Sereni & Shentel, she and Sereni will be speaking at TEDxKLWomen 2013. The latest edition of TEDxKLWomen explore the ways to obtain financial success through passion with the theme Money-Invented Here.

Sexuality and You: Vaginismus, Orgasm and Libido

In the 3rd installment of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee discuss the situation and issues faced by women especially vaginismus, inadequate lubrication, low libido after child birth and how to have orgasm.

Sexuality and You: Why I Can’t Get it Up

In this episode of Sexuality and You, Dr Martha (Tara) Lee peel away the cause of Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. Most would have resorted to the ‘blue pill’ however there could be an underlying non-clinical reasons and that is what will be discussed in this podcast.

Sexuality and You: Who is a Sexologist?

This is a new segment under our Health and Wellness channel, uncovering things that you need to know about your sexuality and what is stopping you from having a good one. We have in this four part series Dr Martha (Tara) Lee, the Founder of Eros Coaching, a Clinical Sexologist.

Jaringan Usahawan Nusantara Sedunia

In this podcast, we have Silmyi M. Sadek & Manisah Sarujee of Brand Geeks Inc to talk about Jaringan Usahawan Nusantara Sedunia and what is in store for Malay speaking entrepreneurs. Jaringan Usahawan Nusantara Sedunia (“Global Nusantara Entrepreneur Network”) is the first global event to gather Malay-speaking entrepreneurs from South East Asia as well as the world-wide Malay diaspora

21st Century Life Conference: Life’s Three Challenges

In this segment of Charge Me Up, we have Helen Seibt, the founder of IDC Group of Companies, who suffered numerous hardships, from being a single mother,suicidal and in debt, she blossomed to a successful woman entrepreneur. Listen to her story here.

Announcement: TEDxPetalingStreet – Connecting Dots

In this podcast, Kum Gheng speak to Angie Ki the Founder and Curator for TEDxPetalingStreet. The theme being Connecting Dots. TEDx Petaling Street is the first Chinese spoken event in Malaysia. TEDex Petaling Street hope to spread the word out by gathering many talented Malaysian with such of these stories and give them an opportunity to spread their ideas and passion with others.

Review of National Higher Education Strategic Plan

In this special edition of Wassup Mahasiswa, Kum Gheng speak to Dr Angelina Yee, Assistant Professor from Nottingham University Malaysia Campus and member to the review committee for the National Higher Education Strategic Plan. It has been six (6) years since the Plan was launched in 2007 and the Ministry is in the process of reviewing it in order to ensure maximum realisation of its objectives upon reaching its target date of 2020.

Childhood Pneumococcal Disease: A Mother’s Story

In this follow up episode to the previous podcast on Childhood Pneumococcal Disease, Kum Gheng speak to Chan Li Jin, the co-founder of and Erina Asmawani whose 1 year old Aqil succumbed to complications and passed on. The YES to PnD Protection campaign marks another step towards making pneumococcal vaccine available to all Malaysian children to ensure they are able to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

Childhood Pneumococcal Disease

In this episode of Do You Know show, Kum Gheng speak to Dr. Yong Junina Fadzil, Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Cardiologist at Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina on Childhood Pneumococcal Disease.

Short + Sweet Festival 2013

This is episode of Sparkle with Nell, Kum Gheng sit in for Nell and speak to Dato Faridah Merican the Festival Director for Short+Sweet Malaysia. Short+Sweet is the biggest short play festival in the world. First produced at the Newtown Theatre in Sydney, Australia in 2002. This year happening in Kuala Lumpur AND Penang with a BRAND NEW category: SONG!

Xtramile Run: Run for Dignity

Kum Gheng speak to XtraMilers Alex Au Yong and Daniel Lee on XtraMile Run. Together with Karl, the three of them will be running 100KM to raise fund for Dignity for Children Foundation.

TEDxKL: One on One with Zung

This interview was recorded after TEDxKL 2013, Zung shared his reason for being under the radar prior to this, how he envision the future of Malaysia and his dream to be a ‘taxi driver’. He also spoke about how his sister’s death shaped his style of photography.

TEDxKL: One on One with Kosal Khiev

This podcast was recorded during TEDxKL, Kum Gheng spoke to Kosal Khiev, a spoken word artist and survivor of the US prison system. Kosal shared his innermost thoughts and his emotion of been separated from his family. Stay tune till end and Kosal recite one of his piece entitled The Sound of Broken Chains.

Announcement: TEDxMerdekaSquare 2013

In this podcast, Kum Gheng speak to Chooi Yen the Co-curator for TEDxMerdekaSquare. The theme being Catalysts for Change, TEDxMerdekaSquare is a gathering of a community of people who aim to bring social consciousness back into our actions.

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