Dominique Lyone: Be a Responsible and Focused Entrepreneur

In this segment of MIG Drill, we have Agent J speaking with Dominique Lyone, founder and managing director of COS, a leading office products dealership within the Australian market, nominated at the Entrepreneur of the Year in Australia in 2010 by Ernst & Young. He share his personal story as an entrepreneur.

How to Manage Yaa-hoos?

Chris Tan spoke to Angela Yap Founder of Akasaa, receipient of Most Successful Women in 2012 and Top 40 under 40 awards by The Prestige magazine. She shared her aspirations and how she is funding her social enterprise through the sale of her book Managing Yaa-hoos, and her commitment to teach the underprivileged youth and empower the refugees in this country.

Social Innovation Lab for Social Ventures

In this podcast, Chris Tan have Kal Joffres of Tandemic to share Social Innovation Lab. The Social Innovation Lab is an organising point where social innovators can get technology and collaborate to build solutions to important social problems. The Lab promotes social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Malaysia and across Asia by incubating new social ventures.

Innovation Partnership with Asia Business Centre, University of Nottingham

For this segment, Chris speak to Mike Carr, Director, Business Engagement and Innovation Services and Jason Feehily, Head-Asia Business Centre, Financial & Business Services from the Asia Business Centre, University of Nottingham.

A Superman Named Roslan

Spotted often with the Superman crest across his chest, Roslan Bakri Zakaria is nothing short of Clarke Kent in term of super power in disguise but only beaten for the courage to wear the red brief outside. The big S to Roslan is all about Spiritual, Sacrifice, Success and Social Changes. To him the biggest driver is Faith.

Shaping the E-commerce Sphere

Growing up in an era where internet is at its infancy with the annoying dial up buzzing, he told himself his future is in e-commerce. Adrian Oh stepped up to his calling of being an entrepreneur in the competitive e-commerce sector and today he is a guru in the industry and doing what he love best.

Eddie the Lawyer is eLawyer

From career as usual to business unusual, this is a story of a qualified risk adverse professional taking on the route least travelled as an entrepreneur. Learning from his difficult start to his desired legal career combining with his later exposure in information technology, this is the unique journey of Eddie Law of

Groupon and Me

Our radars at the Men In Green headquarters detected a very strong presence of “extra-preneurship” and we brought none other than the founder of Groupon Malaysia and co-founder of Youth Asia, Joel Neoh.

Unique Band of the Perfect Strangers

Wedding bands come in pairs as it represents the solemn union of two strangers deeply in love and bringing with them unique culture of two worlds who may never meet if not for that magical encounter, sparking a beautiful fairly tale

Brothers Finding Home

Ivan Tan Tien Poh and Eddie Tan Tien Yew were not the best of brothers when they were growing up. However being apart to pursue separate education and career path has somehow got them closer, so much so that started a publishing house together. Listen how it all began on MiG Drill.

Calling the E’llien in Entrepreneurs

what it takes to be an Entrepreneur? It comes in various forms and sizes yet everyone seems to know how an Entrepreneur look like but struggle to have a common definition.

Tag Team: Dot Creative Design

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. It would be ideal to start your journey with a partner to keep you company be it your best friend, spouse, siblings, even your business acquaintance that share your values.

The 7 Most Popular Habits in the World

This episode of Turning Green, the Men In Green pays tribute to the great management guru, Stephen Covey. The MIG discuss and debate on self-mastery, inter-dependance and self-renewal which were the main imperatives that form the 7 habits.

Blonde in Disguise

In this episode of MIG Drill, we find out what is Samantha Payne’s take on various topics including her professional outlook on the property market, international property developments and also what lies ahead.

Failure is Not an Option! Sure?

To the contrary, failure is always an option for entrepreneurs! Failure is only seasonal at best and what defines YOU lasts forever!

Mythbusting Success – Is It What It Is?

In this episode of Turning Green, the MIG attempt to bust the myth of what it does and does not mean to be successful starting from the essence of it all – the attitude one must possess in defining success.

Groom and Bloom with Angel in Boo

“I wanted to spend more time with my daughter..” was what Angelin said when asked the reason as to why she left her stable job. Listen to Angelin’s tale of how she hopes this initial struggle will one day inspire her daughter to greater things.

For the Little David in Tony

There are two types of entrepreneurs according to Chris, the quietly mysterious and the loudly transparent. Both Branson and Fernandes belongs to the latter of which the Tan in Chris can closely associates to.

M.I.G. Drill: Thick Skin? Thicker Potential!

On this inaugural session of the MIG Drill, the Men In Green had their radar set on Kelvin Tan to track down his latest venture; the concept spa Skin Potential.

More than the JOBs Well Done

Modeling is an important trade for any aspiring entrepreneurs and Justin couldn’t find a better one than the man who stole the fame from Adam and made the bitten Apple the most expensive fruit ever. Steve Jobs sells to you what you cannot live without with what you never needed in the first place

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