The motivationMY Show: 2012 Reflections

Over the past week, friends of have shared their their reflections and the lessons they’ve learned in 2012. In this final podcast of the year for The motivationMY Show, hosts Syafique and Sheryl share their defining moments and what it has taught them.

Conversations with Maclean Patrick

The motivationMY Show host Syafique has always wanted to write a book (that was part of his 2012 resolutions) but as we draw to an end to this year, whatever happened to that? Well, if one is not ready to write a book, then interview an author instead! For this podcast Syafique speak to Maclean Patrick

Conversations with Achik

In the motivationMY Show, we want to feature individuals with amazing stories. They may not necessarily have to be celebrities or well-known personalities, but they are an influencer in their own circle. Meet Ezamudin Safie, or better known in the Twitter world as @achik_ezam. Achik will share about friendship because he has the qualities of a good friend and that was evident during a recent incident.

Conversations with Syilda Ismail

What does it take to get your dream job?

The right degree, check.
An impressive resume, check.
The right attitude, check!
2000 candidates waiting in line for the same job. Is that a check?

That’s what happened to our guest Syilda Ismail as she attended an audition by a local television channel ntv7 a few years ago. Enjoy this fun episode of The motivationMY Show and remember that everything starts with a dream!

Play with a Dramatic Twist

This episode of The motivationMY Show talks about ‘Play!’, a corporate training programme with a dramatic twist! Host Syafique talks to Joanna Bessey, Course Director of Enfiniti Academy and the master trainer for the programme Amsalan Doraisingam. Enfiniti Academy is part of the Enfiniti Vision Media.

Conversations with Christopher Tock

Christopher Tock is the founder of, a social media consultancy that aims to generate business through creating trends via influencers and online-to-onground action. He has worked with a number of celebrities, non-profits and both community and commercial organizations in its one year since inception.

Conversations with Fakhrul Razi

Even though the ‘MY’ of motivationMY stands for Malaysia but we pretty much have a small following around the region as well. Fakhrul Razi is one of them. The Brunei-based singer-songwriter has been supporting our work since last year. In reciprocal, we’re a fan of his soulful music as well.

Conversations with Shah Shamshiri

Interviewing Shah Shamshiri for the latest episode of The motivationMY Show was like chit-chatting with an old friend for host Syafique Shuib. Together they’ve hosted and produced a morning talk show for a local news channel up until recently when they’ve decided to progress in separate directions, but still maintain their friendship.

Conversations with Dato’ Freida Pilus

When motivationMY started on Twitter over a year ago, Dato’ Freida Pilus would be one of the few to answer our Question of the Day. Dato’ Freida reveals the humble beginnings of her school, which she started with her husband almost 30 years ago

Let’s Run with GengKakiLari

At first glance, you might think of it as a hashtag on Twitter but #GengKakiLari is a movement. It started as a group of runners wanting to meet regularly and is now a community of 300. Syafique spoke to Mohamad Azarulazuan Omar, the co-founder of #GengKakiLari.

Innovative Social (media) Movements

If you’re thinking of being a Social Media Manager or a Social Media Consultant, don’t tell Kal Joffres, our guest for this week. As he puts it, Social Media Managers are so 2011!. Kal knows a thing or two about incorporating social media as part of his work.

motivationMY Show: Sheryl’s Best Advice

motivationMY started as a Twitter account in March 2011 that grew into a blog in May 2012. A blog to share personal experiences and learning from others. Today motivationMY will move to voice and in this inaugural show we feature our ardent supporter Sheryl Ho Su Lynn. Hosted by motivationMY founder Syafique Shuib.