Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael The Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor Triangle

The Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor (VRP) Triangle is a well-accepted psychological model, which clearly demonstrates the dysfunctional interaction patterns most of us get caught up in. This episode takes you through the VRP Triangle and then provides solutions to transcend this triangle completely so you can be free yourself to create healthy, empowering communication, connections and relationships with yourself and others.

Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Change

Change is the only constant in the entire Universe, yet many people fear change and consider it their enemy. In this podcast , we explore different ways of looking at and embracing change – and ways to make change our best friend. When we are willing to surrender and go with the flow, change is easier. The natural rhythm of life supports us and carries us forward. The entire Universe is constantly changing and the sooner we learn to accept and embrace change – the more successful we become.

Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael The Journey of The Soul

Have you ever wondered where you came from, what you are doing here on the Earth Plane, what your Soul Agreement and Soul Purpose are, what Karma is, and why you have the lessons and challenges you have? This interview gives you the Big Picture of who you really are through time and space, giving you detailed information on many of the questions you have always been seeking answers to.

Freedom Speaks: Learning From Michael Law of Attraction

Would you like to consistently attract exactly what you desire? Would you like to attract more love, joy, peace, happiness, success, money, ease and grace into your life? The Law of Attraction is a well-known subject amongst spiritual people worldwide, yet few people, regardless of their talents and abilities can consistently gain the benefits from knowing about and using this Law. This segment teaches you the science behind this Law, how it really works, what sabotages and keeps you from achieving 100% success.

Freedom Speaks: Love All Serve All II

In the second part to Love All Serve All Chee Wah speaks with Sam Low, Chairman of Edmark Group of Companies, who shared about his life learning curves. Sam started young, being dynamic and yearned to become a high achiever. Later in life, he gained wisdom through understanding the universal truth of love and compassion.

Freedom Speaks: Love All Serve All

In a candid interview with Chee Wah, Sam Low, Chairman of Edmark Group of Companies explained his misperception about helping others to succeed in life. Listen to Sam’s journey of self-discovery when he begins walking the path of practicing self-love and understanding the universal values of “Love All, Serve All”.

Freedom Speaks: Practicing Compassion and Non-Violent Communication II

This is a continuation to Chee Wah’s previous conversation with Sharon Ng on non-violent communication and creating harmonious work place through principles from A Course in Miracles.

Freedom Speaks: Practicing Compassion and Non-Violent Communication

Chee Wah speaks with Sharon Ng, who is Director of Nugget of Wisdom Sdn Bhd, about how people communicate and connect to create harmony at work. This episode will shed light on practicing compassion and non-violent communication at work.

Freedom Speaks: Creating Authentic Wealth with Florence Lam II

How would your life be different if you could befriend money?
Wherever you are in your financial situation it reflects your inner Relationship with Money!
So what are the 3 essential questions to kick start a new relationship with money?

Freedom Speaks: Creating Authentic Wealth with Florence Lam I

For eleven years, hoping to gain greater recognition and making more money, Florence Lam hopped from one job to another, with each job not lasting more than two years. Finally, out of exasperation, she decided to start her own financial consultancy business. In the first five years, she worked so hard, chasing successes and more money. She was basking in the glory of status recognition and star achievements (now, she calls them “stuff”).

Freedom Speaks: A Colourful Life with Cornelius Chan II

Here is the story of Cornelius Chan of his amazing journey of self transformation and transmutation. Cornelius Chan, a Creative Life Coach, explores his personal journey through the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Consequently, the learning about colours changed his life.

Freedom Speaks: A Colourful Life with Cornelius Chan I

Are you happy with what you do everyday? Chee Wah speaks to Cornelius Chan. After graduating with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cornelius started this apprenticeship as a Viral Epidemiologist in a laboratory. After much twist and turn in life, Cornelius is now a creative Life coach filled with colours and colourful experiences.

Freedom Speaks: At Peace with Susan Kwok II

In this session, Chee Wah talks to Susan Kwok on her perspective of what is stress, what causes stress and a beneficial 3-step model on how you can ‘Make Peace with Stress’. Make Peace with Stress is all about having a holistic yet practical perspective about stress and other psychological conditions.

Freedom Speaks: At Peace with Susan Kwok I

This is the first episode of Freedom Speaks, a follow up series to A Course in Miracles for Work Life. It is a talk show about real people, real transformation and real business. This is to showcase people who have a transformation based on their spiritual awareness through working on their own thoughts. For this segement Chee Wah spoked to Susan Kwok, a business consultant who became a health and wellness therapist.

ACIM for Work Life: You Are as You Are

You can only undo your past, by living in the present. Because NOW is all you can be sure of to make a change. You can only manifest your future, by making it happen today. Because what you can do today will propel you to create your future the way you want it now.

ACIM for Work Life: To Know Is To Be Certain

Is ignorance, bliss? Or is ignorance more of laziness? Ignorance means that you are unaware, uninformed. When you are certain, you gain strength. All you need now is to know It.

ACIM for Work Life: Your Truth is What You Perceive

Have you been told that, as a woman, you have to be married and bear children before you reach 30? Finally, having accepted that to be true, you frantically grasp for a married partner because time is ticking? Learn to appreciate all the abundance you have in life and enjoy them.

ACIM for Work Life: You Are Created Perfect

With this idea that everyone and everything is created perfect, you will take every opportunity to look at life the way It Is. Not the way it should be, could be or would be. Instead of sulking about your life, know that you can make a decision to change.

ACIM for Work Life: There Must be a Better Way

Are you not tired of raising your voice to try to settle an issue? Are you not sick and tired of trying to change the person closest to you? Why not stop arguing and start listening?

ACIM for Work Life: You are Responsible for What You Think

Many of you would like to change job, make more money, change bosses, change partners, thinking that by changing the form, you will get something better. You go out trying to find “The One” that will satisfy all your criteria of a better job, a better boss and a better partner.

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